Coronavirus: Lockdown although ideal, the country lacks the resources to impose it - Economist

General News of Wednesday, 27 January 2021


Professor Peter Quartey, Director at ISSER Professor Peter Quartey, Director at ISSER

Director at the Institute for Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) at the University of Ghana, Professor Peter Quartey says inasmuch as a lockdown would have been ideal in reducing the number of active coronavirus cases, the country presently lacks the resources to impose this restriction.

His warning follows the sudden spike in active cases which has reached 3,813 as of January 23, with 377 deaths.

“Ideally, a total lockdown would have been good because the virus moves when we move, therefore, if we want to bring it down we need to stop moving but we don’t have the resources to contain it, that’s the challenges.”

The economist in recalling the dire effects the partial lockdown had on the country in March last year cited the collapse of 85,000 businesses, the slowdown of economic activities amongst others.

“In March, our economic activities slowed down, the Ghana Statistical business tracker showed that about 85,000 businesses were closed, economic activities, sales, slowed down. We saw challenges with employment, other sectors were affected.”

Professor Quartey explained that vulnerable groups who make ends meet through constant movement may end up agitated as a result of a lockdown which could lead to some forms of an uprising and social unrest.

Kicking against plans of a possible lockdown, Professor Quartey posited that some restrictions are placed on mass gatherings, along with a stern approach towards enforcing the wearing of nose masks.

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