Five more prison escapees killed, one captured in Uganda after massive jailbreak

jail bars

Five more prison escapees have been killed, bringing the total number of inmates killed to 13 in an ongoing pursuit of 219 inmates who had escaped in a massive jailbreak in the northeastern district of Moroto, a military spokesperson said on Sunday.

Flavia Byekwaso, Uganda’s military spokeswoman, told Xinhua by phone that the Uganda People’s Defense Force killed three inmates who escaped from the Singila prison on Wednesday afternoon in the ongoing pursuit.

She said one escapee of South Sudanese origin who had been recaptured died of bullet wounds sustained in the manhunt while the fifth prisoner was lynched by the angry mob in Moroto.

“The pursuit is on. We have five more prisoners killed between yesterday (Saturday) evening and today (Sunday) morning. We have one captured,” said Byekwaso. A total of ten escapees have now been recaptured and detained.

The spokeswoman said the local members of the community are helping the security forces in the manhunt for the escapees, mainly traditional Karimojong warriors and cattle rustlers serving jail sentences of illegal possession of firearms.

“The population is really very vigilant. They are helping the forces whenever they see someone whom they suspect. They usually give them away. They inform us,” said Byekwaso.

The 219 out 620 inmates broke into a prison armory, taking a total of 15 guns and several rounds of ammunition before overpowering a prison warden on duty.

In March, at least three prisoners were killed and six others injured when the inmates attempted to escape in the northwestern district of Arua.

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