Funny Face has recovered – Fans react happily to video of the comedian jamming to R Kelly’s “The Storm Is Over Now”  » ™

Fans have reacted happily to a video shared by Funny Face where the comedian is seen jamming to R Kelly’s “Storm Is Over Now.”

It is clear the song speaks directly to Funny Face’s nemesis where he has been confined to the silent wars of the Accra Psychiatry Hospital for treatment as a result.

Apart from that, fans are happy to see Funny Face express an uncosmetic joy which is premised on immense gratitude for coming out for the storm.

Funny Face, until today, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Concerns raised about the mental health of the “Chorkor Trotro” prodigy based on some of his idiosyncracies resulted in him being admitted to psychiatry.

This video shared by the comedian on his social media timeline paints a clear picture of recovery but more importantly it gives a great account of a recovered Funny Face.

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