Ghana and the truth factor

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Ghana continues to produce competent individuals who could manage our affairs for us. I wouldn’t want to mention names but it’s an open secret. Some Ghanaians are dishonest.

However, there are others who are honest and wouldn’t kowtow to any form of intimidation whatsoever. The sad story is that the honest scholar sees politics as an arena where lies reign supreme. It is as though people take an oath to remain dishonest in their respective portfolios. Our forefathers had a long term vision on eliminating falsehood from our system because of its tendency of corrupting genuine minds.

As such, spirit and water were used to instill in us the ability to be truthful at all times. I now understand the rationale behind such initiation. When a nation pretends to uphold the christian ideologies yet doesn’t follow the laid down rules of Christ, it is suicidal. It will interest you to know that, down playing of people’s intelligence is seen as a normal phenomenon.

Today, many businesses have collapsed and others are at the verge of collapsing because of bad leadership. Some Managers at the helm of affairs have adopted the usual “I’m not aware” way of defence to outwit their Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from being accountable for the dwindling nature of business proceeds. What a shame?

Sadly, every worker knows that the “I’m not aware” kind of a Manager is the cause of the company’s woes except the CEO. But you dare not indicate to the CEO because he might not believe you. The CEOs have good intentions to reduce unemployment but for a certain Corrupt Manager his dream of expanding his business might never happen. Business and the truth factor, I call it. In cases where there are Head of Sales, dishonesty is a force to reckon with. They manipulate the system.

Some allegedly go for businesses worth GHC90, 000 but pay a little over GHC45, 000 into the company’s account. The remaining “profit” is allegedly shared among the usual “Association Members”. So long as they continue to be at the helm of affairs, the company wouldn’t see any growth. Indeed, some CEOs have suffered over the years and others will put in a mechanism to safeguard their company’s coffers as the phrase ” I’m not aware” continues to be prevalent in our time. It is alleged that some of these Managers continue to have a field day just like the case of governance in this country.

This brings me to the significance of spirit and water in our naming ceremony. Years ago, deities were the only source of worship and many died because of telling a lie or two. Hear this, the death toll wasn’t like what this generation is currently experiencing despite professing the Messiah. Those were the days where the people were honest and corruption was absent. Those were the days where some Managers weren’t sleeping with their Secretaries all in the name of a certain long lasting employment benefits.

Those were the days where government officials feared God. Those were the days where stealing wasn’t prevalent in our politics. Those were the days where love was leading our politicians. What has changed? Truth cannot be genuinely bought. Ghana’s issues is as a result of lack of truth in our governance system. It goes beyond the usual fixing yourself thing i have been hearing on our airwaves. When it is alleged that the crusaders of this campaign are cognitive liars owing to their alleged track records, then, I humbly say that, Ghana has a long way to go. He who calls for equity must come with clean hands and even mouth.

You don’t need to attack the people who are for the truth. Besides, it is meant for the good of the nation. Unless otherwise, truth is no longer needed for nation building. I remember a case in my Senior High School Level where a certain Tony had 9 ones in BECE. Almost every teacher was praising him .

As a result, there was always the need to compare him with the rest of the Freshers. People of God, something happened after the First Term Examination that kept the teachers wondering. Tony had F9 in all 8 subjects. A situation that was unbelievable. Later, it was discovered that, his Basic School Teachers wrote answers for him to copy during his BECE because his mom was the Headmistress.

Still on the truth factor. When we try to use any form of minimum force to shield corruption and its “siblings”, Ghana is doomed. Many of our youths are jobless and homeless so they are embittered. They don’t care dying for crying out loud. Please, let’s create jobs, build good roads and ensure that there is at least a sign of development. The youths understand the dynamics of life. Trust me, if the Fix The Country Demo happens today, everyone will get to observe that Ghana is sitting on a time bomb because it will see a lot of youths involvement.

What am I saying? Truth will always triumph over falsehood and the earlier we begin to embrace this fact the better for all of us. We shouldn’t fight people who are truthful because we need it for nation building.

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