Ghana should expect another June 3 Disaster

June 3 Disaster

We live in danger owing to the activities of Frimps Oil at Tema Community 2. I’m a welder by profession and there are other women who smoke fish directly opposite the aforementioned Fuel Station. This nation is only good at spending time engaging in accusations and counter accusations at the expense of action. Six years ago,  people perished at Circle when a Fuel Station caught fire.  There’s little or no action to check operators of Fuel Stations after that sad incident. 

The Tema Community 2 incident is serious since originally the place was earmarked for shops. However, we woke up one day to see Excavators at work. Most of the construction works were done late in the night. Many of us couldn’t have  sound sleep all through the construction period. Truth is, we are all living at a waterlogged area which isn’t favourable for building a Fuel station. 

Due to this, the Fuel Station officials didn’t take their building permit from Tema. Neither did they involve the Tema EPA and Fire Service in that regard. Instead, they went to Accra to carry out their ill-motivated agenda. As usual of the Ghanaian, “whom you know” buttons were pressed and clearance was given at the expense of the innocent Residents. 

Have the  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) and other bodies mandated to check these activities discharged their duties creditably over the years?  Six years down the line, we continue to witness lots of Fuel Stations closer to  Residential Areas and that of our situation is no exception. 

A development I find worrying considering this day and age. Tema Community 2, where I live is faced with an activity that endangers lives and properties. How can a  Fuel Station be positioned directly opposite Fishmongers and welders? Have we in anyway learnt any lesson from the 3rd June incident? Some Media houses who came to assist us to ensure that our voices were heard couldn’t do as expected. They were allegedly bribed to kill the story.

As we remember the people who lost their lives in the June 3 Circle Disaster, the usual lip service commitment towards constructing more drains and the need to frequently desilt some of our major drains shouldn’t be entertained.

Additionally, Management of Fuel Stations must adhere to the EPA Specifications.  Any Fuel Station that violates the 60 meter radius from the public building guideline must be closed down. Remember, employment creation is paramount likewise  wealth acquisition. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t cloud our judgement. 

Never again must we experience this kind of disaster. My heart goes out to everyone who lost a parent, friend, relative or acquaintance on that fateful day.

Those battling one sickness or the other, I would like to use this medium to wish you speedy recovery. Tema Community 2 Residents do not want to experience any second June 3 Disaster. Authorities must expedite matters in closing down this Fuel Station that poses health complications.

Author: Emmanuel Asamoah Adu

(Resident, Tema Community 2)

Email: [email protected] 

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