Ghanaian students in Wuhan, Hubei to get sufficient food and medical support

Accra, Feb.13, GNA – Dr Zhou Yuehan, the
Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, says the Chinese Government has made
provisions to get foreign students including; Ghanaians in Hubei and Wuhan
sufficient food and medical support.

He said they acknowledged how Ghanaian
students in China and their relatives were worried.

However, he said: “Please be rest assured that
the Ghanaian students in Wuhan and Hubei will get sufficient food and medical

The Chinese Government, he said, pledged
efforts to sustain continuous supply of necessities to the virus-stricken
areas, where Ghanaian students also resided.

Hubei and Wuhan as cities in China have since
the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2019 recorded high outbreaks.

Dr Yuehan, in an interview said there were
many hospitals for the treatment of pneumonia caused by the CORVID-19 in Wuhan
and other places in China, and an effective response programme was formulated
to its effect.

Though some countries had evacuated their
citizens from Wuhan, the World Health Organisation said flying out in a rush
was not recommended, as it believed the best way was to stay put and enhance
self-protection, he said.

On his part, people were more likely to become
infected during evacuation, saying, China’s medical condition was better as
compared to that of most countries.

“We have gathered valuable experiences from
the battle with SARS epidemic. We have built two hospitals with over 2500 beds
in just over a week in Wuhan, the epicentre. And we have mobilised over 10,000
medical staffs nationwide to assist Wuhan,” he said.

He advised that Ghanaians in China remained
calm and rational, not to over react, while having a good confidence in the
ability of the Chinese government to contain the outbreak.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dr Yuehan
said the universities and foreign offices in Wuhan were making every effort to
ensure that students had sufficient access to medical care and daily

Among them were distribution of free masks and
personal sterilisation equipment to students, serving them with free meals just
downstairs of their dormitory, including; breakfast, lunch and supper, and
delivery of supplies for daily use to dormitories as students placed order

Others were a routine inspection and
monitoring of temperature of each student every day by the University, a
publishing of a 24-hour English speaking service hotline for foreigners
including; the Ghanaian students by the Chinese Government and arranging
immediately for a students to be given medical treatment anytime they are

Dr Yuehan said they learnt the Ghanaian
government had released $250,000 to assist the students to improve their
well-being in such a trying time.

Mr Edward Boateng, the Ghanaian Ambassador to
China, he disclosed, had 48 hour calls with the student leadership and leaders
of the Ghanaian community in China to ensure their safety.

“And the Ghanaian Embassy has published
relevant protocols and the Consular hotline. Once any Ghanaian in China is
quarantined and the status of illness is yet to be confirmed as CORVID-19 or
otherwise, please also contact the Consular hotline of the Embassy which are
+8618612084232 and +8618612959040,” he said.

He said China’s economic fundamentals that
supported its long-term growth would remain unchanged, adding that they were
capable of minimizing the epidemic’s impact on their economy.

“In fact, international institutions
including; the IMF and the World Bank noted that China had enough policy space
to deal with the epidemic and China’s efforts have effectively reduced the
risks the world economy may be exposed to,” he added.