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#GMB2023: Aduanige’s Enchanting Lesson; Unveils The Traditions of Burial in the Upper East Region

On the semifinals of the prestigious Ghana Most Beautiful pageant in 2023, Aduanige, representing the Upper East Region, captivated both judges and audiences with a mesmerizing performance. However, her act wasn’t just a show; it was an educational journey into the rich tradition of burial in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

In her spellbinding performance, Aduanige showcased the intricate steps and rituals that accompany a traditional burial in the Upper East Region. From the haunting sounds of the flute to the thunder and lightning that sets the tone, she painted a vivid picture of the process.

Aduanige’s performance was a carefully choreographed narrative that unfolded like a poetic journey. From the poignant entry with the flute to the symbolic rituals of consultation with the gods and the heartfelt dances, every moment was a window into the traditional burial practices of the region. Particularly noteworthy were the details of how the deceased is prepared for their journey to the afterlife and the significance of the gravesite’s orientation.

One key revelation was the belief that a person’s journey to the afterlife is an important spiritual transition. The rituals, including consultation with the gods and the handling of the deceased, are performed with utmost care and reverence. The audience learned about the significance of goat skin clothing, the importance of silent reflection, and the symbolic gestures that signify wishes for good health, clean wealth, and divine forgiveness for the departed soul.

The burial process, as described by Aduanige, is a delicate dance between the living and the deceased. Undertakers play a crucial role in this spiritual journey, following the dead person’s guidance to the final resting place. The symbolic dances and drumming that accompany the procession underscore the deep cultural significance of this moment.

Aduanige’s performance served as an enlightening window into the rich traditions of the Upper East Region. It showcased the importance of honoring the departed and the intricate rituals that accompany this solemn event. In a world moving at a rapid pace, Aduanige’s portrayal of these timeless traditions reminds us of the significance of cultural heritage and the importance of preserving it for future generations.