Ho-West NPP Candidate promises better conditions for teachers


Dr David Togbe Nfodjo, New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for Ho-West Constituency, has promised better working conditions for all teachers if given the mandate on December 7.

He said he was committed and ready to roll out a five-point agenda and more that would benefit the lives of teachers and impact in general performance of students in the Constituency.

Dr Nfodjo said this when he interacted with a section of the staff of Abutia Senior High Technical School adding that his plans for teachers were clear and would be accountable as the next Member of Parliament.

He said he would introduce a 50 per cent discount on prices of all laptops and tablets purchased by teachers as well as give sponsorship to teachers who were interested in furthering their studies.

The PC also promised to set up a special desk in the Constituency to see to special needs of teachers while also willing to sponsor in-service training workshops for them.

He further promised to lobby for the building of bungalows for teachers to solve rent-related problems and motivate teachers to accept postings into various communities in the Constituency.

Dr Nfodjo said all the promises were doable and only required a committed, dedicated and forward-looking leader and promised to be that leader.

The teachers pledged their support for the Parliamentary Candidate, hoping that he wins the Parliamentary race.

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