How Israeli security forces ‘kidnapped and tortured’ a businessman on Ghanaian soil

General News of Monday, 21 June 2021


Veteran journalist Kwesi Pratt Veteran journalist Kwesi Pratt

• Kwesi Pratt has criticized the Israeli government, calling it an apartheid government

• He says the Israeli security should not an example for Ghana

• He narrated how Israeli forces allegedly kidnapped and tortured a businessman in Ghana

Veteran journalist Kwesi Pratt Jnr has given a detailed account of how a businessman who was en route to Ghana was, in his words, kidnapped by Israeli security forces at a place with close proximity to Ghana's Kotoka International Airport.

Kwesi Pratt said on Pan African TV that the businessman was coming to Ghana to undertake a business activity but was apprehended by Israeli officials and taken to a residence in Accra where he was allegedly tortured.

Pratt narrates that the said businessman was ‘smuggled’ out of Ghana on the blindside of the country.

“Two years ago, a businessman who [was] coming into Ghana to carry out a business was kidnapped a few kilometres into the Kotoka International Airport and was taken into [a] private residence and tortured. He was smuggled out of this country by Israeli forces. Is this criminal activity what we want [to] emulate?”

Kwesi Pratt further hit out at the Israeli nation and accused them of committing crimes against humanity.

He said that Ghana must not consider emulating the Israeli security setup as it is targeted at abusing rights and perpetuating apartheid.

“Israel is a rogue and apartheid state. Its security services are not to promote human rights or a democratic state but to promote apartheid and commit all kinds of heinous crimes. The insecurity we are talking about in Ghana has been partly perpetrated by the Israeli security services. The Israeli security services do not present an example we should emulate,” he said.

Kwesi Pratt was commenting on the security situation in the country which has been triggered by the robbery of a bullion van at Jamestown in Accra.

A police officer and a trader were killed in the robbery. The Ghana Police Service has placed a GH¢20,000 bounty on the killers.

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