I’m never going to apologize to Wendy Shay – Fantana

Rufftown records former signee Fantana real name Francine Koffie has stated emphatically clear that she is no way going to apologize to Wendy Shay.

Fantana’s short stay with the record label brought about a beef between herself and Wendy Shay.

Speaking in an interview about her relationship with Wendy Shay, Fantana revealed that they have no bad blood and they are cool.

When she was asked if she was going to apologize to Wendy Shay about some comment she made about her during their controverisal beef by the host.

Fantana in her response revealed that she has never done anything wrong to Wendy Shay and doesn’t see why she has to apologize for anything.

She went further to state that since leaving the RuffTown Record label communication between herself and Wendy has dropped.

Fantana in 2019 joined Bullet’s RuffTown records but her stay on the label was marred with some issues that saw her leave the label after some months with what some people would say no hit song.

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