I slept under the Kaneshie bridge for over a year- Nhyiraba Kojo

Nhyiraba Kojo

Nhyiraba Kojo in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM reminisced how he slept under the Kaneshie footbridge for over a year.

The now successful entrepreneur spoke about his struggles when he first moved to Accra.

Born in Takoradi, Nhyiraba disclosed that his love for music is what influenced his decision to move to Accra with his friend Castro.

The rapper turned businessman explained that he and Castro, were convinced to move to Accra in pursuance of their dream by legendary musical duo Bukbak.

“Bukbak came to Taadi for a show back then. Castro and I met them and told them about our dream to become as famous as them and they recommended that we move to Accra. Castro’s mum lived in Accra so we decided to move”, he said.

According to him, upon arrival, Castro left for his mum’s while he was left to roam the streets of Accra penniless without any relative to perch with.

Nhyiraba ended up sleeping under the Kaneshie footbridge. The rapper who is now into the night club business claimed to have survived on street hawking, bus conducting, and even pickpocketing.

He is quoted saying, “ I ended up pickpocketing because at a point it was the only way to survive. I was arrested and put in the Kaneshie Police cells on several occasions. I even have my name written in my cell”

In a demonstration of his pickpocketing skills, he picked an exposed face mask from host Fiifi’s pocket without him noticing.


Nhyiraba who now owns lavish mansions and runs a number of night clubs shared stories of his humble beginnings on live radio.

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