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If Civil Servants Retire At 60 Due To Tired Brains, Then Why Do We Allow Those At 70s To Run Ghana?

In Ghana the retirement age for Civil Servants is pegged at 60. Put many top politicians occupying critical positions in administration of the country are more than 60 years.

If we say at 60, the civil servants’ brains are tired and they should retire why do we allow them to come back at 70 to run the country? 

Is it less difficult to run a country than to teach in class or to work as a receptionist in a ministry? Or, is the retirement age just fixed to create space for the young worker?

 If so, lets reduce it to 50 since there so many graduates waiting to get in. If they could work later us presidents then there is no reason they retire at 60 because it’s more difficult to run a country. 

Experienced old men can work as advisors and impart more on leaders than being in the hot seat themselves.

I have a strong believe Nana Akufo-Addo may have done well had he got the chance earlier than he did. Many indications in the country seems to prove that there should be fresh legs in President Akufo-Addo’s administration. Yet he says they’ve met his standards; they have done so well he has no need to reshuffle them.

The World Is Changing And We Must Adapt 

Bigger nations than Ghana are gradually going for relatively younger leaders for a good reason. Ghana is learning it’s democracy from the West (Europe). If they are gradually going for younger leaders, it is time for Ghana to follow suite.

For instances;

President Emmanuel Macron, the President of France who is now 44 years won the elections when he was just 39 years.

Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is 58 years.

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada is 51 years.

All these suggest that gradually younger leaders should be given the chance and let the old good elders give advise.

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