Keche Joshua talks by heart because he is being fed by a woman – Wendy Shay

RuffTown signee Wendy Shay has thrown shots at Keche Joshua a member of music group Keche.

It would be remembered that some actions of Wendy Shay weeks ago made people start asking questions as to whether everything was alright with her since her new act was somehow strange.

It was during that time that Keche Joshua came out to state that Wendy Shay was high on drugs or was somehow depressed.

This made the mother of the musician respond by saying her daughter was fine and not going under any depression.

Granting an interview to Sammy Flex on Zyfolon FM, she used the opportunity to react to Joshua claim saying that he (Joshua) needs to be ashamed of himself for mocking her.

According to her, Joshua is being fed by a rich woman, anytime he comes home, there is food on the table for him to eat so he does not respect women and what they go through.

Per our understanding, Wendy Shay clearly doesn’t know the difference between the two Keche artistes because Andrew is rather married to a rich woman and not Joshua whom she is attacking.

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