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Kuami Eugene Condemns Incredible Zigi’s ‘Sleeping Artistes’ Comment

Kuami Eugene

Musician, Kuami Eugene, has strongly criticized popular Ghanaian dance artiste and choreographer, Amofa Michael, professionally known as Incredible Zigi, over his recent comment regarding some music artistes being “sleeping.” Eugene deemed the statement as both childish and disrespectful to those working tirelessly in the music industry.

Incredible Zigi had sparked controversy by suggesting that some artistes in Ghana’s music industry were dormant and sleeping.

However, Kuami Eugene was quick to defend his fellow musicians, emphasizing the strenuous efforts they put into their craft.

During an interview with Kwadwo Sheldon, Kuami Eugene expressed his disappointment with Incredible Zigi’s remarks, saying, “I’m a big fan of Zigi, but that was quite childish. The vibe for the sleeping side, I think it’s a huge disrespect for Zigi to come out and say some of the artistes are sleeping; you don’t know what’s going on.”

Eugene went on to highlight that some music artistes invest significant sums of money in dancers to enhance their music’s appeal. He stressed that this practice had been a long-standing tradition in the industry.

“Some of them are charging really big money to actually dance to the music. What he’s doing is not for a fee, but he thinks someone is sleeping. You understand what you’re doing. You’re charging the person before you do it for them,” Eugene explained.

He further noted that music artistes had deep respect for dancers and would never make derogatory remarks about them. Eugene stated, “But we [Musicians] never went to sit there and say dancers are sleeping before because I’m just speaking for my people. I think we [musicians] respect them that much to say that we won’t post a particular person’s videos again because he dances like he’s asleep.”