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Lady Tells How A Married Man She Dated Used Juju On Her To Stop Her From Sleeping With Another Man

A lady by the name of Serwaa Bonsu in an interview shares how a married man she dated years back sent her panty to a fetish priest to use juju on her to prevent her from sleeping with another man. The lady opened up that she came across her boyfriend Mr. Kwabena who is married years back. The man helped her traveled to Cape Coast to learn a skills. She conceive for the married man few months after she completed learning a skills.

The man accepted the pregnancy and informed her parents not to panic about it, she kept the pregnancy, and the man fulfilled his promise by taking proper care of her. A year after she gave birth, her boyfriend helped her to acquire a job in their neighboring town.

Although the payment was good enough to sustain her but both the male and female workers sleeps in one room. This made most of her colleagues to have intimacy in the room the rest of the workers has been sleeping in it at midnight. She informed her boyfriend about what was happening at their workplace, still he convinced her to continue doing the job.

She too couldn’t control herself and slept with one of those workers. Serwaa added that she informed her boyfriend when this incident happened and he advised her not to quit the job. Months later she found out that Mr. Kwabena too has been cheating on her.

She then decided to break up with him and move on with her life, But her boyfriend didn’t give her any chance to be with another man. Serwaa revealed that they cursed each other after the man beats her up for cheating on him. Kwabena again took her panty and send it to a fetish priest to use Juju on her in order to prevent her from sleeping with another man aside from him.

The lady is pleading with her boyfriend to forgive her and revoke the curse. Agya Kwabena admitted that he dated Serwaa when he went to their hometown to buy cocoa beans. He supported her in everything she needs but Serwaa used to cheat on him with different men in their town. They fought because of how she has been sleeping with those men.

The man admitted that he beats her after he caught her chatting with another man early in the morning. Again he took Serwaa’s panty to a fetish priest to perform rituals on it to prevent her from having affair with any man again. Mr Kwabena claims the lady confessed she has slept with multiple men after she fell sick.

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