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‘Listen to What Malema has said about DA, ActionSA and EFF Policy, Causing a stir in Twitter. Watch

Julius Malema the charismatic leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in South Africa has emerged as a prominent and influential figure in the country’s political landscape. Known for his fiery rhetoric and passionate advocacy for economic transformation and social justice Malema’s policies and ideas have begun to reverberate beyond his own party. Notably both Herman Mashaba the founder of ActionSA and the Democratic Alliance (DA) have shown an increasing willingness to listen to some of the EFF’s policies.

Herman Mashaba a former member of the DA and the former mayor of Johannesburg has positioned himself as a staunch advocate for free market capitalism and small government. However in a surprising turn of events Mashaba has begun to incorporate elements of the EFF’s policies into his own platform. He recognizes the need for addressing economic inequality and unemployment which are central issues for Malema and the EFF. By adopting a more inclusive approach Mashaba hopes to attract a broader base of supporters tapping into the populist sentiment that Malema has effectively harnessed.

Similarly the DA historically seen as a center right party has started to pay closer attention to certain EFF policies. While the two parties still hold fundamentally different views on several issues there is a growing recognition within the DA that some of the EFF’s ideas may have merit. For instance the DA has expressed support for land reform and addressing racial disparities aligning with some of the EFF’s core principles.

This shift in the political landscape highlights Malema’s influence in shaping the national conversation. By advocating for policies that address the country’s most pressing challenges he has compelled other parties to adapt and consider alternative approaches. However it also raises questions about the ideological coherence of these parties and whether these policy shifts are genuine or driven by a desire to win over voters.

Julius Malema’s EFF has undeniably made an impact on South African politics pushing the boundaries of political discourse and policy making. With figures like Herman Mashaba and the DA taking cues from the EFF’s playbook it remains to be seen how these shifts will shape the country’s political future. South Africa’s complex and dynamic political landscape continues to evolve with Malema at the forefront of this transformation.

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