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Lynn Forbes claims that Kairo was not forced to perform at Joburg Day; she wanted to do it.

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Title: Lynn Forbes Clears the Air: Kairo’s Performance at Joburg Day Was Her Own Choice

Lynn Forbes, a prominent South African socialite and the mother of Kairo Forbes, has taken to social media to address recent speculation surrounding her daughter’s performance at Joburg Day. Contrary to rumors suggesting that Kairo was forced into the spotlight, Lynn Forbes has emphatically stated that her daughter’s performance was entirely by choice.

The performance in question took place at Joburg Day, a renowned music and entertainment event in South Africa. Kairo, the daughter of popular musicians AKA and DJ Zinhle, has been no stranger to the limelight since birth. Her parents’ fame and her own burgeoning presence on social media have made her a well-recognized figure among South African youth.

Lynn Forbes, known for her transparency and active presence on social media, took to Instagram to address the rumors swirling around her daughter’s performance. She explained that Kairo’s decision to perform at Joburg Day was entirely voluntary, with no external pressure or coercion involved.

In her post, Lynn emphasized that Kairo’s parents, AKA and DJ Zinhle, have always encouraged her to make her own choices and pursue her interests. The decision to perform at a major event like Joburg Day was, in Lynn’s words, a reflection of Kairo’s passion for music and her desire to share her talents with the world.

Kairo’s performance at Joburg Day was met with enthusiasm and support from fans, who praised her talent and confidence on stage. Lynn Forbes took the opportunity to express her pride in her daughter’s achievement and her dedication to nurturing Kairo’s individuality.

The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities that come with growing up in the public eye. While Kairo Forbes has undoubtedly been exposed to a world of opportunities, her parents’ guidance and encouragement play a pivotal role in ensuring that she makes decisions that align with her interests and aspirations.

In conclusion, Lynn Forbes’s statement sets the record straight regarding Kairo’s performance at Joburg Day. It underscores the importance of allowing children to make their own choices and pursue their passions, even when they come from famous families. Kairo’s performance was a testament to her own desires and talents, and her parents’ support is crucial in guiding her on her unique journey in the entertainment industry.

Kairo didn’t say, “ I WANT to perform at Joburg Day”
She said, “ I’m GOING TO perform at Joburg Day. I don’t want anyone to go on stage with me. I’m going to sing my daddy’s voice, by myself.”
It sat well with her, She cried. She is very proud of herself. No one forced her.

— Lynn Forbes (@lynnforbesza) September 7, 2023

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