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Managing Director of ECG Should Applaud His Team Instead Of Attacking Them – Stan Xoese Dogbe

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A Presidential staffer under the erstwhile Mahama administration, Stan Xoese Dogbe, has said that, the Managing Director of ECG should applaud his team instead of publicly attacking them.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Monday, 3rd October 2022, he wrote;

“I think what the Managing Director of ECG should have done by now, is to applaud his team for the manhours they out in, the expertise they rolled out and the tenacity of purpose they displayed towards bringing the ’s systems back online and saving customers from underserved poor service over many days.”

He added that to rather observe the MD intending to use the development to publicly ‘attack’ his hardworking team, especially the IT class, in the quest to push another Bawumia agenda to hand over ECG’s payment services to a that will be coming to do nothing, is shameful. 

Mr. MD, your systems were hacked. You may have refused to do what was right and reach out to inform your customers, but the ECG payment systems are back today and resolving the consequences of the hacking because of the quality of IT personnel you went to meet in the . Stan Xoese Dogbe remarked.

You may be in a hurry to handle over the ECG’s mobile payment application solution, which has improved revenue collection for both prepaid (smart meters) and postpaid customers, to a without any known track record in that space, just because the expected 4% commission charge will build a war chest, at the expense of ECG’s revenue. 

“But please, stop the attempt to attack the intellectual capacity and the efforts of your team, which is what is stopping the long queues, and people sleeping in darkness because they are unable to buy power from vending points.” He advised the ECG Managing Director.

Yes, the hacking of the ECG system, which has a very strong and reliable firewall must be investigated, and that investigation must include the possibility of some source codes that were transmitted to third parties, being the cause of the access to ECG’s payment platform, and hence the hacking. 

Sending out people to attack the ECG’s team of internal IT workhorses to push faster and hive off ECG’s revenue to a that will do practically nothing, is devious, it is causing financial loss to the state, it is milking the state for private interest and your conscience must tell you that it is wrong. 

IT guys wanted to cripple you, the MD, would they have worked, collaborated with partners, and spent days and nights to go round the hacked system and restore normalcy? 

Provide proof that some IT persons have been duping the state, and through that, prove how the hacking of the system helped with that. Saying all these to justify the unnecessary contract to a third party? He challenged.

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