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Mullen Lowe Company launches New Educational Series

Many Covid-19 education campaigns may have targeted adults, especially old and most vulnerable people.

But a marketing communication , Mullen Lowe is working to change this state of affairs.

It has launched a brand new cartoon series titled, ‘Kofi commando and the squad’ on Wednesday, 3rd August, 2022 to help children better appreciate the risks and protocols associated with Covid-19.

 Speaking at the launch, the Managing Director of Mullen Lowe, Mrs. Norkor Duah, stated that the team’s major focus for creating this series is to shape the educational background, health, civic, cultural lifestyles and social practices of children.

Mullen Lowe Company launches New Educational Series

‘‘In this series, the imaginative power of animation is used in combination with the realities of everyday scenarios to educate, entertain and engage audiences primarily children, with the expected outcome of positively influencing and subsequently changing health, civic, cultural lifestyles, social practices and behaviors for the better.’’

Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, one of the dignitaries at the launch, hailed the project as a good one by stating the relevance and the nature of positivity it will inculcate in our future generation.

Mullen Lowe Company launches New Educational Series

‘‘This will help us generally in terms of education, specifically in health education. It is culturally sensitive as well and at the end, it will help us to make a significant progress when it comes to getting messages to our young ones on health, Covid and on other matters as well,’’ he addressed.

On his part, the UNICEF Ghana representative, Annie Claire Dufay, expressed appreciation for the tremendous effort in initiating such .

‘‘This is an important campaign targeting our most valued audience, children who are present here today. The high quality dynamic animation series is the combination of a strategic collaboration between different partners.

Mullen Lowe Company launches New Educational Series

“This would not have been possible without the general support of our partners from the government of Canada and the government of Denmark, so we really want to thank them for their contribution. Thank you so much,’’ she stated.

In a bid to elaborate a bit on the series, she explained what this creative cartoon series seeks to offer.

‘‘It is really wonderful that this educational hero will focus on various public, health and social development relating to children. Hope that Kofi and his friends will inspire children across Ghana to be agents of change to promote practices to influence not only their peers but also the families, the parents, siblings and their communities,” she said.