The CEO of Special Ice has grown to become one of the role models of young Ghanaians at home and abroad due to his affable and industrious nature.

He shared the story of how he met his lovely wife when he was interviewed by the popular Ghanaian presenter, Lexis Bill.

In the interview, he revealed how he met his wife and how long it took them for them to finally tie the knot.

Sharing his love story, the highly respected personality stated that he met his lovely wife by kind courtesy his senior sister.

He stated his wife was some who used to travel to London a lot, however, there came a time when he couldn’t control his feelings for her stating that he told her point blank that he didn’t want her to go to London.

His wife was shocked as he asked about his reason and his reply was that he wanted to marry here hence the reason why he didn’t want her to go to London that particular moment.

He stated that they dated for about 3-4 months before they both decided to get married and revealing why he married early, he indicated that he wanted to be responsible.