Position, power won’t change who we are - Francis Sosu spends Mothers Day preparing kenkey with mother

Francis Xavier Sosu is the Member of Parliament for Madina Francis Xavier Sosu is the Member of Parliament for Madina

On the morning of this year's Mothers' Day, the Member of Parliament for Madina, Francis-Xavier Sosu, decided to spend it with his mother, in her home as she prepared kenkey.

Taking to his Facebook page to share a video with his mother in their traditional kitchen, the MP spoke about how it always means a lot for him to go back home to help his mother with her trade.

He also spoke fondly about how his mother's diligent trade is what saw him through school.

"It's Mothers Day today and I decided to join the old lady today so as you can see, this is what we call aflata. We are preparing for kenkey; this is a small kenkey business we are going to do. We are doing the kenkey business for tomorrow morning so you see how we are enduring the smoke," he said even as he played with the dough in a pan.

Also, the Madina lawmaker explained that it is not all people at the heights of life or politics who have always had an easy life.

"For many people, when we find ourselves doing politics, they think that our lives have suddenly changed, we are now super-human beings but we are not. This is where we are. So, as part of the Mothers Day, I decided to come home and be with the old lady," he said in the video.

In his caption to the video, he wrote, "We are ordinary people. Position and power won’t change who we are. I spent some time with my mum doing what we both love to do much. There is no Mum like Comfort Adzevor who sacrificed all to make me who I am today. Happy Mother’s Day to her and all hard-working women in Madina."

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