President Akufo-Addo’s sterling leadership saved Ghana from COVID-19 pandemic

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has attributed Ghana’s success story so far in the COVID-19 fight to the sterling leadership of President Akufo-Addo.

While commending all the agencies, departments, and organisations that collaborated in fighting the pandemic at an appraisal ceremony of the National Security Operation COVID-19 Safety Taskforce in Accra, Dr Bawumia said the President’s clear marching orders to members of his government was to save the lives of Ghanaians.

This firm and focused leadership, Dr Bawumia said, was the catalyst for all decisions taken to combat the spread of the virus, which had saved the country from potential disaster.

“I highly commend all the agencies, departments, and bodies that worked together in this COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure that we have kept it under reasonable control. We can all be proud of ourselves.

“But I can confidently state, without any shadow of doubt, that President Akufo-Addo’s firm, focused leadership in these trying times has saved us so far from the disaster that has been seen elsewhere.

“His focused and marching orders to save lives no matter the cost has been the abiding force that has saved us all,” Dr Bawumia declared.

“We can be proud of ourselves on our handling of the COVID-19 as affirmed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that we are one of the best-performing countries in the world. From the decision on the early lockdown, Ghana adopted the 3 Ts- Testing, Tracing and Treatment, enhanced contact tracing, and even the use of drones.

“At every stage of our fight, the President has been at the forefront, guiding and ensuring that all our decisions are geared towards saving lives. We can bring back the economy, but we cannot bring back the lives, we would have lost if we had not focused on saving lives.”

The Vice President expressed the appreciation of Government for the inter-agency partnerships and the organisations and bodies that have collaborated and offered support, including the Church of Pentecost, Ghana Football Association, faith-based organisations, and Civil Society Organisations.

Giving an overview of the steps and outcomes so far, the Minister of National Security, Mr Albert Kan Dapaah, and his deputy, Mr Henry Quartey, lauded the efforts of the health personnel, which had led to the highest recovery rate in the sub-region and one of the highest in the world, at almost 98 percent.

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