Sales of traditional sex boosters divide opinions among Zambians

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A study conducted by lecturers in the schools of natural sciences and medicine at the University of Zambia to determine the aphrodisiac properties of some traditional sexual boosters has revealed that people seek sexual boosters for various reasons, such as male infertility as well as medical and social problems.

The demand for such products in Zambia has seen a mushrooming of people selling the products. A walk in the central business district of Lusaka, the country’s capital, is enough for one to know the extent of the demand for the products.

All kinds of stands are seen lined up along the busy streets with people displaying various traditional sexual boosters while calling out to potential customers. The products are packed in small sachets with various names inscribed on them, with prices ranging from 5 Kwacha (about 0.23 U.S. dollar) to 50 Kwacha depending on the size of the sachets.

Agness Zimba, who was found seated at her stand, said the demand for sexual boosters is on the rise as most men have been frequenting her stand to buy various products.

When asked about the age group of the men seeking the products, she said it is mostly young men ranging from 20 to 40 years while women have also been buying the products to give to their husbands.

She however said the competition is now stiff because many sellers have joined after seeing that there is a market for the products.

“Business used to be fine in the past but now we are so many. So it is important to find ways of reaching customers,” she said.

Some other sellers have resorted to using social media platforms to market their products. The messages provided on the platforms include the information on various herbs in stock for various ailments regarding fertility problems as well as contact phone numbers.

But Dennis Mwaba, who has used the sexual boosters in the past, advised against using them as one can develop dependency syndrome.

“I was addicted to them until I made up my mind to stop using them,” Mwaba, a Lusaka-based resident who runs a barbershop said. He also cautioned against the efficacy of some of the traditional sex boosters. His views were supported by his colleague, Leonard, who said he has never believed in the use of sexual boosters.

Medical experts have warned against the use of traditional sexual boosters as they can bring health complications.

But practitioners of traditional medicines believe that the use of sexual boosters is safe as long as they are used properly.

Rodwell Vongo, president of the Traditional Health Practitioners Association of Zambia says over-using any drug is dangerous and warned people to be cautious when using sexual boosters.

He however admitted that some sexual boosters were not safe, as the profession has been infiltrated by bogus people who sell concoctions that were not safe. Enditem

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