Stop praying for blessings without working-Presbyterian Moderator

Rt. Rev. Prof. Mante said no country could succeed with such characters stressing that “God does not bless lazy people”.

He gave the advice at the inauguration of ‘City of Favor Estate’ developed by Sawer-Nanor and Sons Company Limited at Dawhenya in the Ningo-Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region.

“God never blesses laziness that is why he said in the Book of Proverbs that go to the ant, you sluggard and learn its ways, this is so because the ant is never lazy,” he noted, adding that work was one of the main purposes for human creation as stated in Genesis 2:15.

He said God created human beings to work and even the rich people must continue to engage in some form of work to prevent the brain from going stale.

The Moderator stressed that, “God created human beings to work that is why I don’t like people standing at the road side to beg.”

He said when lawyers talk about basic human rights, they must know that the first among it was for people to work quoting II Thessalonians 3: 10 through which God instructed that those who do not work should not eat, meaning anyone who does not work have problem with God.

Prof. Mante reiterated that it was not enough to sit at home and pray for God’s favour and prosperity as God only blesses the work of people’s hand and multiply what one has, therefore having nothing would yield no related multiplication.

“Even if you are just doing cassava farm, God will bless it, but just sitting at home and praying is wrong attitude to prayer, work hard and be sincere”.

The Moderator implored young persons to appreciate gradual growth, the news of young people in Ghana going to the extent of killing their friends to sell their body parts to make quick money, while others wanted to triple jump into wealth without passing through the process was worrying.

“The thing these days is that everybody is sitting at home with his phone in his hands trying to dribble everyone they want to become the richest person on their phones.

“No country will prosper that way we need a country that everybody will work hard with sincerity and appreciation of gradual growth”.

Mr Simon Sawer Tetteh, Managing Director of Sawer-Nanor and Sons Company Limited, in a welcome address appealed to government to give the needed support to young businesses to survive by creating a good working environment and some tax incentives.

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