We need a law to stop all forms of LGBTQ+ activities in Ghana - Lawyer

General News of Friday, 26 February 2021


A photo of homosexuals A photo of homosexuals

Private legal practitioner, Lawyer Tachier Atiedu says it would be proper for Ghana top formulate laws to stop the advocacy and practice of homosexuality.

The lawyer says if Ghana has an Act on mosquitoes, then it should introduce a law to make the activities homosexuality criminal.

He said Ghana cannot and should not entertain homosexuality because it is against our cultural values and laws.

Those who argue on the issue of rights he posited is neither here no there.

He explained that the laws on unnatural carnal knowledge although makes, LGBTQI activities criminal lacks clarity on the activities of lesbians hence, there should be a law that will target criminalising all forms of homosexuality once and for all.

Section 104(1)(b) of the Criminal Offences Act says: “A person who has unnatural carnal knowledge of another person of not less than sixteen years of age with the consent of that other person commits a misdemeanour”.

He explained that unnatural carnal knowledge means penile penetration of anything other than the vagina.

According to him, not only does the Ghanaian culture frown upon it, the laws governing the State make it criminal.

Meanwhile, he has noted that the tall political order usually influences the inability of some leaders to firmly oppose pressure from the western world.

He said some leaders opposing it due to the consequences that could come from the aid countries receive.

He however asked our leaders to be firm and reject it even if we will go hungry as a people.

He charged MPs to introduce Private Members Bill for a law to be passed on criminalising the act once and for all.

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