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What Will Indicate That A Candidate Has Been Convicted Is A Judgement From A Criminal Court -Onueze

A Former NBA President, Onueze Okocha [SAN] has alleged that what will indicate that a candidate has been convicted of an offense is a judgment from a criminal court. He said this as regarding the judgment of the PEPT that the forfeiture case of President Bola Tinubu was a civil forfeiture and not a conviction. He further explained that the only way to prove conviction in this case is if the criminal court had found him guilty of the alleged crime. 

He said, ”A forfeiture in a civil proceeding is just an order made for some money to be returned or to be forfeited. What will really indicate that a candidate has been convicted of an offense is a judgement from a criminal court. There has been all this rumours that the President was convicted, that the President was indicted. 

The only way you can prove that is to produce a judgment of a criminal court that actually returned the decision that he was found guilty of the offense alleged. This was not the case and this was the distinction that the Presidential election tribunal made. Forfeiture in a civil proceeding does not amount to a conviction.”

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