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Which miniseries did you like the most?

Which one was that for you?

They are a phenomenon that has been booming since the early 2000s and is somewhere between feature films and multi-season series in terms of length: miniseries. A miniseries is a format that tells a self-contained story in multiple separate episodes of a single season. A distinction must be made here between mini-series, which were designed for this short form from the start, and series that were simply not renewed after one season for various reasons.

Exciting stories, told in a few episodes

So a lot of story is compressed into just a few episodes in mini-series – boredom rarely arises. In recent years there have been numerous good examples of critically and publicly acclaimed miniseries, across all genres.

For example, “The Queen’s Gambit”: The story of an orphan girl who becomes a professional chess player, managed with just seven episodes and received numerous awards, a Golden Globe for best miniseries. One of the more recent examples of a popular miniseries is “Inventing Anna,” the true story of penniless con artist Anna Sorokin, who successfully swindled New York’s high society out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

More dramatic fare is “When They See Us,” a miniseries about a real-life legal scandal involving five African-American teenagers who were innocently accused of rape. “Mildred Pierce,” a miniseries about an overprotective, self-sacrificing mother during the Great Depression, is particularly short at five episodes. A comprehensive science fiction novel penned by Stephen King, broken down into a mini-series, is “The Stand”. And these are just a few examples from the wide field of short but highly exciting serial fare.

Miniseries: your recommendations, please!

Which miniseries got you completely hooked – and which ones were you unsatisfied with? Which miniseries would you have liked to have continued? And are there any series that have only had one season but where you finally want to find out what’s next? Report in the forum! (there, 4.8.2022)

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