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An unparalleled development course

An unparalleled development course


Dear Editor,

The PPP/C in its Manifesto in 2020 made a commitment to provide 50,000 jobs for Guyanese by 2025 and has since embarked on many mega and small business initiatives which will not only ensure that this bears fruit but will launch the country on an unparalleled development course. Many thousands more jobs will be created when many of these mega projects come fully on stream, the groundwork is already laid.
This is in stark contrast to what the Coalition did from 2015 to 2025, when thousands of Guyanese, some 35,000, were thrown under the bus and had to endure severe deprivations including hunger whilst those in the Coalition enjoyed not only humongous salary increases but buttered this with massive corruption, rape of the Treasury and the selling out of our oil patrimony. We must not lose sight of this ever.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Guyana is once again developing at an alarming and unprecedented rate and the recent announcement by Vice President Dr Jagdeo is just another of the visionary initiatives which will bring immediate relief to 10,000 unemployed persons across the country. Thousands are already employed. The Vice President made it clear that these are not temporary jobs but part-time ones which will go on indefinitely. This initiative alone will cost the Government nearly $5 billion annually but this Government has never flinched when it comes to improving the lives of Guyanese. It never attaches cost to this determination. Let those who criticize this Government calculate the multiplier effect this one project will have on the economy. The spending will not only further improve the lives of Guyanese but will create additional jobs. Many such economic projects are already effected and dividends seen.
But apart from the economic benefits, this project will improve the quality of government services delivery being offered across the country. These jobs will play a significant role in this regard. Therefore, it is not only about creating employment but it is about improving the lives of all Guyanese in terms of service delivery. Many times people complain about the poor quality of service delivery at some of our government agencies and this initiative indeed will go a long way in bringing immediate relief.
Despite these benefits, the Opposition Leader attempted to malign this initiative when he questioned the qualification of those who will be employed. Mr. Norton should try to be a responsible Opposition leader but he has so far displayed ignorance of his role and is bent on sowing mischief and discord. Dr. Jagdeo gave him a fitting reply when he told Berbicians that, ‘the qualification is that they are Guyanese, they do not have any other qualifications to get the jobs’. Is this Norton’s patriotism? It boggles the mind that the Coalition destroyed thousands of jobs and is still embarking on a mission to willfully obstruct the employment of Guyanese. The PNC and the AFC were the architects in destroying Guyana’s economy. The Coalition is adept at taking away bread and butter from the people. Guyanese beware of the Coalition, it’s an ill wind that brings no good.

Yours sincerely,
H. Yusuf