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00:00 Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud retires. Who will take over permanently?
00:00 Chatelal forgives Yorke as loan repaid
00:00 Happy 48th!
00:00 Taxpayers could foot bill as “handpicked” investors reap profits – Jagdeo
00:00 Imam re-committed to stand trial on multiple child rape charges
00:00 Region 4 highlights successes at annual flag-raising ceremony
00:00 48th Republic Day messages   
00:00 How oil can place our democracy at grave risk
00:00 International medical ties to be strengthened
00:00 Repeal classification of industrial hemp
00:00 Security guard who fatally stabbed handyman, freed
00:00 GuySuCo needs to return to the drawing board
00:00 DPP recommends no charges against “Alpha Dan”
00:00 PPP/C MP defends Jagdeo’s decision on judicial appointment
00:00 City Hall’s non-cooperation
00:00 President appoints new ERC, TSC commissioners
00:00 Bel Air businessman ‘apologises’ for damage done – Govt
00:00 New E Division Commander pledges to reduce crime, boost youth development
00:00 Several areas to get intermittent power outages
00:00 Exxon contract final -Harmon
00:00 NIS re-examining investment in Berbice Bridge, GM says
00:00 Banks Smalta Supreme Titans Junior Table Tennis Tournament serves off tomorrow 
00:00 Mother gets four years, $7M fine over cocaine found in daughter’s handbag
00:00 48th Republic Anniversary Messages
00:00 Trump congratulates Guyana on 48th Republic Anniversary
00:00 Volcanoes beat Jaguars by 52 runs
00:00 Guyana’s President signals need for foreign help for GDF
00:00 48th Republic Anniversary: President says Guyana’s homeland, sovereignty will be defended
00:00 Deported to Guyana, man went back to Canada and returned to life of crime; convicted and faces second deportation
00:00 ‘ExxonMobil contract was dealt with, we are not going back on it’- State Minister
00:00 CARICOM official shot and robbed after leaving bank
00:00 Integrity, Teachers Service Commissions sworn in
00:00 Antigua PM hints at early general election
00:00 Mother takes wrap for cocaine in handbag, jailed for 4 yrs, fined $7.1M
00:00 Jagdeo says $15B could be used to clear GuySuCo’s liabilities
00:00 Senior Caricom official shot, robbed outside home
00:00 Manager trailed from bank to Atlantic Gardens home, shot, robbed
00:00 Lindo creek CoI being held “in camera” – Harmon
00:00 ExxonMobil was not entitled to CGX-like contract- Jagdeo; “We are not going back on it”- govt
00:00 Mother pleads guilty and gets 4 years,6 months in jail for cocaine in handbag, as daughter walks free
00:00 President Trump congratulates Guyana
00:00 Man accused of Quamina St. fatal stabbing freed
00:00 Efforts made to ensure Ethnic Relations Commission is not politically compromised
00:00 Bel Air businessman apologizes for “Go Invest Elsewhere” ad
00:00 Bel-Air businessman apologizes to Government for “GOINVEST Elsewhere” advertisement
00:00 Muslim scholar recommitted to stand trial over rape of boys
00:00 Op-Ed: A Jaundiced Jeffrey
00:00 Guyana increases Military presence in bordering communities with Venezuela
00:00 CG bandits rob, shoot electrical contractor
00:00 Father-son bonding, the Chanderpaul way
00:00 10-member ERC sworn in by President
00:00 CWI ostracises former players says Windies legend Richards
00:00 Teaching Service Commission’s appointment paves way for teachers’ promotions, appointments
00:00 Venezuela’s Maduro wants ‘mega-election’ amid opposition boycott
00:00 UN human rights experts urge Trump to protect the rights of ‘Dreamers’
00:00 ‘Racist’ white powder letter sent to Meghan Markle
00:00 Operators of Orinduik oil block say it could contain in excess of 1 billion barrels
00:00 Trio in custody over kidnapping of schoolgirls
00:00 EYEWITNESS: False alarm…
00:00 Dwight Yorke denies deal with chutney singer
00:00 Govt to borrow $15B to reopen Skeldon, Enmore estates
00:00 Orinduik Block may contain in excess of 1 billion barrels of oil – ECO
00:00 Foulis father of 2 shot to head
00:00 FIFA’s Regional Director due for 4-day visit
00:00 Jaguars hunting final date with Pride
00:00 Gov’t seeking $10b-15b to reopen estates
00:00 Contractor shot in head, robbed after leaving bank
00:00 Guyana moves up in transparency ranking
00:00 Performances at Region Two calypso and chutney competition were impressive
00:00 Venezuelans report big weight losses in 2017 as hunger hits
00:00 ‘Have no fear’
00:00 $15B to reopen estates
00:00 Tullow/Eco (Atlantic) spot signs of more oil offshore Guyana
00:00 Govt parliamentarian not interfering in birth registration process, says Felix
00:00 Reserves up 12% in new Guyana Goldfields mine plan
00:00 Duo charged with gun, ammo possession remanded
00:00 FAO says labour transfer from agriculture to oil could affect food security
00:00 Guyana Stores given 3 weeks to rectify breaches following workplace inspection – Social Protection Ministry
00:00 Businesswoman remanded to jail for 5-pound marijuana bust
00:00 Agriculture Ministry no longer has responsibility for Guysuco -Holder
00:00 Wales sugar workers protest again over severance packages
00:00 ‘GuySuCo not under Ministry of Agriculture’s purview’ – Holder
00:00 Citizenship Ministry granting temporary amnesty to illegal foreign nationals
00:00 Electrical contractor shot, robbed shortly after leaving bank
00:00 Jagdeo would offer reasons for not supporting top Judicial nominees if asked -PPP
00:00 Foreigners working illegally in interior granted temporary amnesty
00:00 Contractor shot in robbery after leaving bank
00:00 Father of 2 trailed from bank, shot at, robbed by armed bandits
00:00 Enmore father of 2 trailed from bank, shot at, robbed by armed bandits
00:00 Enmore father of 2 trailed from bank, shot, robbed by armed bandits

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00:00 Queensway Carleton Hospital 'beyond capacity' as flu cases mount in region
00:00 Why Schools Are Flooded With Threats After Mass Shootings
00:00 Maldives wants unlimited air-transport deal with PHL
00:00 Racistisch of onschuldig, maar cowboys en indianen komen Tivoli niet meer in
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00:00 Tidligere pornomodel står frem: Peter Madsen ville have mig ned i ubåden
00:00 Российские хоккеисты вышли в финал Олимпиады
00:00 Psykiske lidelser og sociale problemer plager whistleblowere: »Det koster ens liv at stå frem med sandheden«
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00:00 Пидручный: В этом году нет стабильности, мы не попадаем в топ-6
00:00 Jennifer Lawrence reveals she dropped out of school at 14, never got diploma
00:00 ” فيديو”: مدير الدفاع المدني يكشف لأورينت حصيلة 5 أيام من الإبادة في الغوطة
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00:00 EKSKLUZIVNI INTERVJU / Besnik Beriša: Tužilac Čampara krije ubice Ramiza Delalića
00:00 Trump-Russia: Ex-campaign aide Rick Gates pleads guilty
00:00 Former Trump aide Rick Gates formally pleads guilty to two counts
00:00 Вятрович: В архивах Украины могут найтись аргументы для польских историков
00:00 Hull City vs Sheffield United: Live stream, TV channel, team news and kick-off time for the Championship showdown
00:00 США планируют открыть посольство в Иерусалиме в мае
00:00 Lidnersk knäpp bakom svensk basketknall
00:00 France vs Italy: Ko time, teams, TV channel and live stream for Six Nations rugby 2018 match
00:00 Russia's most advanced fighter arrives in Syria
00:00 Finance: Nordstrom surges to an all-time high on report it's finalizing plans to go private (JWN)
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00:00 Katie Price gets touched by a HUGE ‘ghost’ as Simon Webbe catches a spirit on camera in Celebrity Haunted Mansion
00:00 В КГГА напомнили киевлянам о пунктах обогрева на период морозов
00:00 Nach Anerkennung als Hauptstadt durch Trump: US-Botschaft in Jerusalem wird bereits im Mai eröffnet
00:00 A 60 años del secuestro de Juan Manuel Fangio en Cuba: "Disculpe, nos va a tener que acompañar"
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00:00 Boe og Mogensen vinder dansk doubledyst i Swiss Open
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00:00 Last teen pleads guilty in death of passenger hit by sandbag
00:00 With N15.4 billion budgetary allocation, State House promises to complete all ongoing projects this year
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CARICOM dumps on Trump over Sh%tload statement

In a Saturday Statement, CARICOM said "it is deeply disturbed by reports about the use of derogatory and repulsive language by the President of the United States in respect of our Member State, Haiti, and other developing countries. CARICOM condemns in the strongest terms, the unenlightened views reportedly expressed."

CARICOM dumps on Trump over Sh%tload statement

The regional group, CARICOM has expressed deep concern over the statements by the US President Donald Trump directed to CARICOM member state, Haiti and the African continent.

Mr. Trump has received an avalanche of criticism over recent statements during an immigration meeting, at which he described Haiti and African countries as “shitholes”.

In a Saturday Statement, CARICOM said “it is deeply disturbed by reports about the use of derogatory and repulsive language by the President of the United States in respect of our Member State, Haiti, and other developing countries. CARICOM condemns in the strongest terms, the unenlightened views reportedly expressed.”

The regional body, which is headquartered in Guyana, also noted “this pattern of denigrating Haiti and its citizens in what seems to be a concerted attempt to perpetuate a negative narrative of the country.”

CARICOM said it is saddened that such a narrative emerged around the time of the anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake which took so many lives of citizens in Haiti.

CARICOM has now expressed its full support for the “dignified” statement of the Government of the Republic of Haiti in reaction to this highly offensive reference.

“It should be recalled that Haiti is the second democracy in the Western Hemisphere after the United States and that Haitians continue to contribute significantly in many spheres to the global community and particularly to the United States of America”, the CARICOM statement noted.

The body said Trump’s insult to the character of the countries named and their citizens is totally unacceptable.

Haiti is one of the 15 members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).