GBBC’s Young Guns `The proving ground….’

Green predicts a K.O victory over Williamson

WITH a record of six victories and two losses in his professional boxing career, light welterweight boxer, Anson Green, is predicting a knockout win when he faces Joel Williamson in a four-round contest on Saturday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The action is in a five-fight card organised by the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) in collaboration with Dexter Marques and Clive Atwell.

Green has promised to rule the 140-lb division locally and says he is working very hard to achieve his prediction. But his prediction might not materialise as Williamson might not be a walk over as the debutant. Williamson has over 70 amateur victories to his name and packs a powerful right hand, which over the years as an amateur earned him Best Boxer on numerous occasions and even earned him a gold medal at the Caribbean Championships.

But Green is so confident that he said “I’m going for the knockout for sure, as I want to rule my division.”

Green is tidying up his work at the Andrew `Six Head’ Lewis gym in Albouystown, and is sparring with Delon Charles who will also appear on Saturday night’s card in a four-round featherweight bout against Terrence Adams.

Green feels he is stronger and more powerful than Williamson, and the fact that Williamson has never stepped into the ring as a professional boxer, “So I’ll use my six-year experience as a pro to get past him.”

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