Parika business community donates booths to police

Commander Edmond Cooper cutting the ceremonial ribbon with Deputy Commander Dion Moore (left), President of the Region Three Chamber of Commerce, Halim Khan (right), flanked by other law enforcement officers

IN an effort to aid the police in ‘D’ Division (West Demerara – East Bank Essequibo) in the execution of their duties, the business community in Parika donated three mobile booths to them.

Ronald Singh, a representative of the business community, while noting that the police are often criticised when they fail to effectively execute their functions, said they must also be applauded when those functions executed well. He said too that the force needs the support of the community, and that includes the commercial sector.

“Parika is a popular place since many persons pass through from the islands to head to Georgetown and return; it’s always going attract deviant behaviour for persons looking for opportunities and easy prey. The Parika business community has been in operation for decades and has always been civic minded and we need the presence of the police,” Singh said.

He said policemen should not be made to stand on the road all day without a place to shelter from the elements, and as such, the business community thought it fitting to donate the booths.

President of the Region Three Chamber of Commerce, Halim Khan, echoed similar sentiments, and called on all and sundry to support the Guyana Police Force as it carries out its functions.

“The presence of police ranks in these booths will act as a deterrent since crimes are based on opportunities. We would also like to donate Walkie-Talkies to the policemen manning the booths so they can quickly communicate with each other if something happens in the area,” Khan said.

He said in assisting the Guyana Police Force, members of the business community should also ensure that CCTV cameras are placed outside of their businesses to capture any illegal activity that may occur. The footage, he added, should be handed over to the force without hesitation.

The commander, Senior Superintended Edmond Cooper, said that the booths will not be used for any other purpose other than to alleviate crime and traffic lawlessness within the division.

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