Covid-19 cases among older people continue to rise sharply

Infections in over-65s have gone from zero to 163 a week since the beginning of July

Henry Street in Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

Henry Street in Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

Cases of Covid-19 among the over-65s continue to rise significantly, according to the latest figures.

There were 162 cases in the over-65s during September 9th-16th, a rise of 35 per cent on the previous seven-day period.

The number of infections in that age category have been increasing week on week since no cases were recorded in the week to July 8th.

The figures are included in the Health Surveillance Protection Centre statistics. Of the over-65s who were diagnosed with Covid-19 in that seven-day period, 109 were aged 65-74, 39 were aged 75-84 and 15 were over 85.

There were 11 deaths during the period, of whom eight were in the over-65s.

Three were over the age of 85, five were aged 75-84, two were aged 55-64 and one person was aged 45-55.

Overall, the number of infections increased 46 per cent in the seven-day period, from 1,146 to 1,697.

School reopenings

The number of those aged 14 and under being infected has more than doubled since schools reopened, from 97 at the end of the week to September 2nd to 212 by September 16th.

However, the largest concentration of new infections remains among the 15-24 age group, with a 70 per cent increase in cases, from 220 to 372.

The number of those aged 55-64 diagnosed with Covid-19 doubled in the same seven-day period from 93 to 187.

The National Public Health Emergency Team has said renewed restrictions are partially in response to fears that the surge in infections among young people will eventually lead to more infections in the over-65s, who are far more likely to be hospitalised or die from disease.

Those over 65 constitute 93 per cent of all deaths from Covid-19 in Ireland.

The chairman of the emergency team’s epidemiological modelling advisory group, Prof Philip Nolan, has warned the recent rise in cases in Ireland started in younger age groups with very mild disease, but is now spreading to older people.

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