Donegal Library hosting online talk on anxiety in children

As part of the Healthy Ireland at your Library programme, Donegal Library Service is delighted to announce that David Coleman will be holding a talk on ‘Dealing with anxiety in children and teenagers’ next weekend.

The event will take place via Facebook live on Saturday 26th September at 11.00 am.

To access this online event Donegal Library Facebook has created a “David Coleman’s Anxiety Seminar” group which you can join (click here to join). David’s talk will be broadcast to this Facebook group. If you would like to submit a question to David Coleman, to be answered at the end of the talk, please add it as a comment to this Group. 

David is a Clinical Psychologist, Broadcaster and Author. He specialises in working with children, teenagers and their families.

He has over 20 years’ experience dealing with a whole host of psychological issues ranging from anxiety, to self-harm, bullying, social isolation, school related difficulties, family conflict, challenging behaviour, abuse related trauma and more. He is also Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at UCD. 

Mr Coleman explains the talk “When we don’t know what to expect we tend to get anxious. Unpredictability is stressful. Children and teenagers face many uncertainties in their lives, and the Pandemic has certainly added to anxieties among children. In this presentation, I will focus on understanding how anxiety affects children, teenagers and families. I will give concrete and practical tips for how to help children and teenagers to deal with the stresses and pressures in their lives.”

With David’s usual blend of information, common sense, sensitivity and humour, and an open forum questions and answers at the end, the talk should be of interest to anyone living with, or working with children and teenagers.

Healthy Ireland at your Library is a national programme being funded by the Department of Health.  Libraries in Donegal have access to over 120 books on the key topics of healthy eating, physical activity and mental health for both adults and children. In addition, we have access to eBooks and regularly run health events in libraries. For more information on Healthy Ireland please visit 


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