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Ben Gvir accuses AG of holding him ‘by the throat’ over pending 2021 case

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Attorney general has yet to decide whether to charge now-minister over incident two years ago in which he waved his gun threateningly during a parking lot argument in Tel Aviv

Amy Spiro is a reporter and writer with The Times of Israel

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Cabinet approves NIS 20 million to incentivize African migrants to leave Israel

The cabinet approves NIS 20 million to incentivize African migrants and asylum seekers to leave Israel, a week after violent riots broke out between politically opposed camps of Eritreans living in Israel.

The government’s plan also includes about NIS 10 million in other initiatives to help Israeli communities who claim their quality of life has been adversely affected by migrants and asylum seekers.

In addition, an inter-ministerial team, headed by ministry directors general, will be set up to “prevent infiltrators from harming citizens’ quality of life” and further “remove infiltrators” from Israeli neighborhoods.

Lapid: ‘It is unbelievable there is even a dicussion’ on respecting High Court rulings

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid says he cannot believe that members of the current government are even discussing the option of not complying with a High Court ruling.

“I welcome Gila Gamliel, Moshe Arbel and Yoav Gallant for their standing firmly on the side of the rule of law,” Lapid tweets, referencing three ministers who have vocally said they would follow any High Court ruling.

“It is unbelievable that there is even a discussion whether or not the government will comply or not with a High Court ruling,” Lapid adds.

The High Court is slated on Tuesday to hold a hearing on the petitions against the government’s reasonableness law, which restricts the court’s own ability to review governmental decisions. The ruling could set up a potential constitutional crisis if there is a clash over the ultimate authority of the courts versus the ruling government.

Ben Gvir accuses AG of attempting to hold him ‘by the throat’ over pending 2021 case

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir accuses Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara of attempting to personally intimidate him.

Baharav-Miara has yet to decide where to proceed with a case against Ben Gvir over an incident in late 2021 — when he was a member of Knesset — in which he waved his weapon around during an argument with Arab security guards in a parking lot in Tel Aviv.

In a letter to the High Court responding to Baharav-Miara’s request to delay her filing a position, Ben Gvir dismisses her “weak arguments” about a heavy workload and need for additional advisory time as an excuse to drag things out.

Such excuses, his attorney writes, “are nothing but a way for [Baharav-Miara] to hold [Ben Gvir] by the throat and to terrorize him for his entire term as minister.”

Many members of the current government, including Ben Gvir, have lobbed harsh attacks against Baharav-Miara in recent months, accusing her of serving the opposition and not doing her job, and several have called for her to be fired.