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Using cannabis for fun is fairly common, but the legal constraints on it make its usage controversial. The real reason is the addition of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which gives cannabis its ‘high’ feeling. While it is an enjoyable experience, it may cause a problem at work, requiring an urgent THC detox. 

Despite the fact that some US states have made cannabis legal, workplaces often conduct some drug tests to evaluate the workers efficiency. These tests include saliva tests, urine tests, hair follicle tests, etc. Results from these tests help understand their mental capabilities and avoid unforeseen circumstances in the future.

Every worker has to pass these drug tests, but sadly, THC does not vanish from the blood for many days. Here is when you need some special marijuana detox kits, helping to pass these tests. The THC detox products come in various forms, including gums, pills, drinks, shampoos, etc. This article will highlight some of the lifesaving detox kits that are affordable and work 100% efficiently. 

Here is a quick summary of the best weed detox products you should know of. 

  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink: One-step THC detox drink to clear the body for the next five hours
  • Herbal Pre-Cleanse Capsules: Pills to deep cleanse the body from toxins 
  • Incognito Belt – Premixed Synthetic Urine on a belt: 100% effective for THC detox
  • Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit: Powdered synthetic urine kit with heat activation for THC-free results
  • Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit: Pre-mixed synthetic urine to make THC undetectable 
  • Oral Clear Gum: saliva-neutralizing gum with quick results 
  • Spike Additive: urine additive to kill all toxins in the sample 

Best THC Detox Products 2023

Here are the details of these best THC detox products, suggesting what makes them a suitable choice to try. 

Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink


  • Drinkable solution to remove THC metabolites from the body 
  • Protection that lasts up to five hours 
  • High strength formula 
  • Best for people with frequent exposure to toxins 
  • Ideal for large body masses 
  • It comes in cranberry plus apple flavor 

First things first, this drink is by far the best thing you can do for your body. It is a herbal formulation that activates a natural THC detox. It helps clear the body, taking it to the clear zone for a maximum of five hours. It is to be used with at least 48 oz water, and you can start taking it a few days before your actual test. It is recommended to limit the THC intake while using it, or the results may not be impressive. 

The drinkable form makes it super easy. You need to stop the food and drinks at least four hours before taking it. Also, avoid unnecessary medication if you wish to use this later for a complete THC detox. For people under 200 lbs weight, a 17 oz drink is enough; those over this weight limit can take the 32 oz size bottle. 

The results are better when it is used on an empty stomach. To enjoy the flavor, refrigerate the drink and shake it well before drinking. Give it at least 60 minutes to start working; you must urinate frequently in order to release the toxins. While this product is safe for you, avoid taking it every day, and keep it your final fix whenever all other remedies fail. 

The price starts from $50 for a 17 oz pack and increases with the size. This price seems fair, as to the benefits it brings. Note this product is only suitable for adult users. 

Click here to try Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink for a quick THC detox. 

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Capsules


  • Removes the toxins completely
  • It can be used as a daily supplement 
  • Helps prepare for a drug test
  • It helps to maintain progress after a drug test 
  • Enhances the toxin removal process
  • Easy to use, capsular form 

Supplements are very easy to take, and the pre-cleansing pills are no different. These pills eliminate the toxins from the blood. According to the official website, they are made with herbal ingredients, effective for deep cleaning the body. This is a non-GMO product, fit for daily use.  

The daily intake is two capsules only, with a glass of water. There are 60 capsules inside, making a bottle to last one month. Remember, its ingredients can take up to two weeks to start showing the results. You have to use it for at least one month before expecting a THC-free experience. 

One pack costs $39.00. These pills can be used individually or combined with the cleansing juice for added benefits. 

Click here to start a natural THC detox with Herbal Pre-Cleanse Capsules.

Incognito Belt – Premixed Synthetic Urine on a belt


  • Gravity-operated device
  • 100% toxin-free urine 
  • Supplied with heat to match the body’s temperature 
  • Perfect pH and creatinine levels 

The quest for the best THC detox product cannot be completed without knowing about this amazing kit that may surprise you. This is a gravity-operated tool that adds synthetic urine to a sample, 100% free from contaminants such as THC. There is a heating pad that comes with it so that the fake urine can mimic the actual urine temperature. 

It is released from a small rubber tube attached to the whole apparatus. The users are required to wrap around this on their waist, hiding under the clothes. You can use the release clip from the bladder bag to the vial or sample cup. 

This fake urine is made with 11 compounds, including creatine so that no one can identify it. The bladder bag has a capacity of 3.5 ounces, and it comes filled with pre-mix fake urine. The belt has a Velcro for better fitting, and it can suit a waist up to 48 inches. There are two heating pads and a temperature strip to monitor the temperature. 

Simply lose the heat pad through the adhesive backing and shake it a bit for activation. Stick this heat pad with the urine bag and wrap the belt around you. This kit is good for two years, even if you leave it unused after purchasing it. Both males and females can use it. 

It comes for the price of $130 only. Remember, this is intended for one-time use, and there is no way you can reuse it. By any chance, if a customer receives a package expiring in less than six months, he can request an exchange. 

Click here to buy an Incognito Belt for an upcoming drug test. 

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit


  • Best-selling product 
  • 100% accurate results 
  • Biocide free 
  • Cleans urine from THC 
  • Pre-mixed fake urine 
  • Unisex product 

This product is a powdered fake urine kit to help you pass a drug test. You can literally create your own urine with the help of its components. No one can find out that it is synthetic, and giving it for a urine sample will clear you from the drug test immediately. 

The users are advised to add water to this powder inside the mixing container that is a part of the kit. Next, start the heat activator to create the perfect temperature. You can also check this temperature with the help of the temperature strip, which is also included in the kit. 

There are thousands of happy customers who have used this kit and saved their jobs. Everything that would be used is provided by the company, and you do not have to spend more money on anything extra. 

The price for this kit is $90. You cannot reheat the urine or reuse the powder. Read the instructions carefully in order to use this weed detox kit and pass the test. 

Click here to try the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit right now. 

Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit


  • 100% efficient synthetic urine 
  • Totally undetectable 
  • Toxin-free
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Unisex 
  • Premium quality product 

The premium synthetic urine kit comes with 3 oz pre-mixed fake urine, a temperature strip, heading pads, and a heat activator. This is also a best-seller product, based on the research of over 16 years. Anyone can use it, and it is completely free from biocides. 

The company uses 11 ingredients inside, including uric acid, for the deep THC detox. This fake urine has the same pH, temperature, and creatinine as real human urine. Once activated, this fake urine is good to use for up to 10 hours. 

  The price for this kit is $105, and it can be purchased along with the testing kits to check yourself at home, preparing for an upcoming drug test. 

Click here to order the Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit.

Oral Clear Gum 


  • Fast saliva-neutralizing solution
  • Highly efficient in removing toxins
  • Starts working in 30 seconds
  • Effects can last for 30 minutes
  • One-time use product
  • One gum in each pack
  • No abstinence period needed

Nothing can be more frightening than a quick saliva swab test for drug metabolites. But do not worry; the Oral Clean Gum can save you from this.

Sometimes, the drug tests are spontaneous, leaving little room to get help or use a product for a natural cleanse. However, this gum can help you save from detection with its fast-acting saliva neutralization. 

According to the official website, this is the number one saliva-neutralizing gum, created after multiple trials and testing. Simply take one gum at least 60 minutes before the test, and let it work for you. 

The users are required to swish the liquid from the gum all over their mouths. It includes under the tongue, behind teeth, inside the cheek walls, on top of the mouth, etc. This practice ensures 100% weed detox, making it impossible to detect it from saliva samples. 

The results are even better if you take care of dental hygiene and not suffer from any underlying gums or dental disease. Take your time and swish the gum and its liquid for 30 seconds inside the mouth. Do not swallow it at this point. You can do it later once the entire oral cavity is cleaned. 

This gum is priced at $95 per serving, which includes only one piece of gum. It has a long shelf life, and you can store it in your drawer or bag so that it can be used during the time of need. 

Click here to buy Oral Clear gum to initiate THC detox from saliva. 

Spike Additive


  • World’s smallest urine additive
  • Highly discrete product
  • Kills 100% of toxins
  • Fast results
  • Easy to use by everyone 

Another best THC detox product that could help you is this Spike Additive. As the name mentions, it is a small, undetectable solution that comes in 2 vials. The users are expected to mix it into the urine sample. Once it comes in contact with the sample, it kills all toxins and saves the user from a positive test result. 

This product is an easy and secure way to be saved from drug tests. The user is expected to add it to the sample vial before adding urine. Wait for at least 15 seconds before depositing the sample. Do not pee in the vial first, and add it later. This method will make your test fail. 

The light or occasional users can use one vial, which is good for up to 120 ml samples. Heavy users or frequent THC users can take both vials in the sample vial and are advised to use both. 

This additive has been tested and verified by the Enzyme-Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT) and is highly efficient. Do not take unnecessary meds for at least 48 hours, and avoid THC at least two weeks before using this additive if you are a regular. 

The price for this product is $130, which may sound a little expensive to some. However, the benefits that it brings make this price easy. Also, it is only used once in a white, and not a daily thing. Therefore, it is good value for money. 

Click here to buy Spike Additive to pass a drug test. 

Home-based Drug Testing Kits

The THC detox process will be incomplete without the testing kits. These kits ensure that the metabolites have left the body and there are no more remaining that could show on the drug test. 

People with regular or long-term use of THC should keep these testing kits at home and use them in their time of need. For example, they can check the presence of THC and other drug metabolites in the body before buying any THC detox product. If the metabolite level is excessively high, they can look for a highly potent detox formulation. This way, they can save money spent on buying unhelpful products. The kits can also be helpful to ensure a person is 100% THC-free. 

Some of the best-selling home-based THC detox kits are:

Single-Panel Test Kit THC

This is a simple and one-step testing facility to check THC metabolites. Based on the results, you can determine the level of help you need and look for the marijuana detox products that could help you. The cut-off level in this detection kit is 50 ng/mL.

Single-Panel Test Kit COC

This is a one-step testing kit to detect cocaine in the body. Another drug frequently tested along with THC is cocaine. This kit enables one to self-evaluate a person within the privacy and comfort of his house. Based on the results, you can start preparing for a cocaine detox plan accordingly. 

Five Panel Test Kit

This is an instant home-based kit to check for Marijuana (THC detox), Cocaine, Meth/Amphetamines, Opiates, and PCP in your body. It is 100% accurate and brings the results within a few minutes. 

An interesting product related to the THC detox is a ‘practice kit.’ You can find these practice drug test kits from various companies for a low price. They contain synthetic urine, heat activators, temperature strips, and other things that would be used to do a urine test. If this is your first time and you are worried about dodging your upcoming drug test, you can try this practice kit to learn the best techniques. 

The only problem with these kits and THC detox products is their online availability. It is rare to find these highly efficient products at local stores. To avoid replication, scams, and counterfeiting, most companies keep the distribution to themselves and only accept online orders. Do not waste time searching for these products at local stores. You can place a direct order and receive them at your doorstep by placing the order through the official website. 

Click here to buy THC detox kits for an amazing discounted price.  

Benefits To Buy Cannabis Detox Kits Online

One thing people do not know about online sellers is that they follow complete discretion while selling these THC detox kits. However, it is subject to the authenticity of the seller. Not every seller offers this; only those with a long standing in the market and high customer ratings offer it.

Shipping can be a tricky thing because cannabis shares a controversial status in social settings. People knowing about someone ordering THC detox kits give a negative impression of them. Besides, the personal preferences of everyone should be protected. For these reasons, the THC detox products are shipped in discreet packaging to protect privacy. 

The discreet packaging also keeps the inner contents safe. No one can check or see the products inside except for the recipient. Any company offering this depicts that it values the privacy and secrecy of the customers. Everything, including the labels, packaging, and information, is kept minimal and ambiguous. 

These efforts are to keep the attention away from these parcels. You would only find a returning address on the label in case of non-delivery. There are no further details describing what could be inside the box. Without needing a special request, the orders placed through the authentic and best THC detox sellers are sent this way. 

What To Know Before Using THC Detox Products?

Drug tests are fairly common to assess the health status of a person. The specific drug tests indicate the usage of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and others. The THC from cannabis (marijuana) is a common psychoactive, which easily shows on drug tests. And these metabolites are the number one reason people look for THC detox products. 

The most common type of drug test conducted for THC detection is urine analysis. For this test, a urine sample is taken and sent for analysis in a lab. First, initial testing is done using an Immunoassay (IA) antibody-based technique. The antibodies adhere to the THC metabolites and start showing up. This is an initial test that yields highly efficient results for THC detection. 

In addition to this, there are more accurate and sensitive methods used. These include mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, and many others. 

Some drug tests are conducted through blood samples. The samples from suspected individuals are drawn and checked with the antibody-based IA technique for results. It is usually followed by confirmatory methods such as GC/MS. The final findings are considered accurate and correct. 

The real reason why a series of tests are conducted to identify the presence of drug metabolites is because they can be present in different concentrations. Blood samples usually indicate small concentrations but need complicated techniques for precise results. 

Finally, hair follicles are also checked for the presence of these metabolites. Surprisingly, the hair samples can indicate the usage of drugs in the last 90 days. Habitual drug users can show a longer history because of metabolite deposition. 

Any contamination in the samples can change the results. The sample taking is completed in sterile conditions to keep it safe for an analysis later. 

Criteria To Choose The Weed Detox Kits

There are hundreds of options offering real-time help in passing a drug test with the removal of THC metabolites. However, not all of them are true in these promises. In fact, many of them do not do anything, and they are a complete waste of money. 

The products endorsed in this article are chosen on the basis of several factors that distinguish them from the rest. They are not just any random THC detox kits; their selection is made on a standard, some of which states the following.

Accuracy of the results

The first thing that is expected from these weed detox products is their efficiency. Any product that offers accurate results is desirable. The companies making these THC detox kits should work on their product quality so that they can match the promises they make when advertising these products.

The standards by which these detox products are created are different in every company. You need to find a company with an established name and reputation. Only these companies create top-quality THC detox kits with 100% accurate results. Avoid companies with unnatural and impossible promises. 

Natural ingredients

It is likely to see THC detox products containing a variety of ingredients, some of which are herbal, others are synthetic. For better results, you need to find an all-natural formulation or those with minimal chemicals and toxins inside. 

The use of herbal ingredients to remove THC from the body is limited. However, they can be combined with other effective ingredients for good results. The only worrying part is the use of unnecessary additives, fillers, and chemicals that may harm the body in the long term. Choose products that contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support the THC detox process. 

Customer satisfaction and refund policy

No brand can survive in the industry without a satisfactory response from the customers. The after-sale services are a part of this deal. Any brand with helpful services and supportive policies for the customers eventually gains trust. Look for incentives like money-back offers, customer support lines, timely delivery, and secure payments to build trust in a company.

Ease and comfort 

Detoxification works in various ways, some of which can be bizarre. For example, drinking excessive water is believed to remove the toxins in urine, while excessive sweating is thought to have similar effects. While these strategies can be an additional help, they cannot be the primary detox plan for any individual. Drinking water to a level where the body starts feeling sick is not advised.

Likewise, sweating for hours at the gym or during any strenuous activity is also not recommended. Try using a marijuana detox product for quick removal of THC metabolites, and refrain from bizarre tricks that may cost your health.

Customers Experiences

The biggest hit-or-miss factor that gives a clear picture of a company is customer satisfaction. Authentic companies have this option where the customers can leave feedback. Or you may find out details on these products on different social forums. Always read about the product quality and post-purchase services from a vendor before choosing it for your next purchase. Check for these details before placing an order for weed detox kits and cleansing juices. 

Zero hidden costs

It is a common marketing gimmick to add hidden charges to the order value. Most people check for the product price only and do not pay attention to the extra charges they add. Choose websites that are fair and honest with the customers and do not like to scam them for a little extra money. The weed detox products suggested in this article come with no extra money to fool the customers.  

Affordable prices and availability

THC detox products are not a luxury but a necessity. Hence, a high price for them is not justifiable in any way. You need to find a company that charges reasonably for making you THC-free. Although some legit companies charge a little more than average companies. But you get the mental satisfaction of getting out of trouble in the form of a highly efficient but a little expensive product.

Check for all these marks before trusting an online vendor. Due to the abundance of cleaning kits and product sellers, it is the customer’s responsibility to put his money in the right place. Spending money on an unreliable seller is no excuse, and no company would take responsibility for the faulty products if you blindly trust any random website. Spend your money wisely and buy THC detox kits from a trustworthy vendor. 

Working Of THC Detox Products Explained

Using THC detox products is very beneficial for the body as they remove the metabolites and their remains easily. Whenever you opt for a drug test, the presence of the drug in your system is confirmed by THC metabolites.

When a person takes THC, in any form, the body metabolizes it into smaller units to bring the effects. Some of these metabolites stay in the body and are associated with long-term effects. But the bad thing is that they can show up on a drug test.

If you do not do anything, the metabolites will leave your body naturally. This process can be time-consuming, and the time is different for different drugs. The most common areas of these metabolites are hair, saliva, blood, and urine. Therefore, these samples are usually obtained whenever a person is expected to pass a drug test.

An interesting thing about THC is that it can remain in your body for up to 90 days or three months. However, you can get it removed within 48 hours, too, using the right product. The exact time for its natural detox is unknown. Depending upon the dose and the previous usage of drugs, it can last for 36 hours to 90 days. 

The blood takes the least time to remove THC, and this time is typically 36 hours. Saliva can take 48 hours, urine can contain it for up to 30 days, sweat can contain it for up to 14 days, and hair can have THC metabolites for up to 90 days.

The most frequent tests for THC detection in the body are blood tests and saliva tests. The natural removal is uncertain, and using a THC detox kit is ideal if you have an upcoming test. These kits will help you pass the tests within a day and even in a few hours. You only need to know which products are ideal for the situation. 

Also, know that THC, as well as other toxins, are easily dissolvable in fat. So it is possible for body fat to contain them. If you are a habitual user of THC, it is likely to stay in your system for a longer time. Even if you do not have a recent usage of any THC product, it can still show up in a test.

If you are an overweight person, the chances of accumulating THC metabolites in fat are even higher for you. If you want to get rid of them, you need the best THC detox products with maximum potency. Leaner bodies, on the other hand, can benefit from moderately dosed products, too.

Can You Do a Natural THC Detox With Food?

Not the complete diet, but some parts of a healthy diet help make the body THC-free. These foods are even used in THC detox pills, juices, and cleansing gums. Examples of these foods are aloe vera, cranberry, and many others.

Read the following foods that clear the body from toxins and drug metabolites. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is associated with complete body detox, as it helps remove all waste compounds from the body. It can be effective in marijuana detox, keeping the body free from the toxins that accumulate over the years. For centuries, it has been used in various remedies, including those for removing toxins and maintaining good health. The cleansing helps organ efficiency, especially for the kidneys, liver, heart, and colon. 

Detox does not necessarily mean to remove drug metabolites from the body. It also cleanses from nicotine and the metabolites that are formed during complex carb digestion. A study (2021) published in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies indicates that apple cider vinegar has a favorable effect on the lipids profile and the fasting plasma sugar. It is assumed that it will also help against THC metabolites. 


The next best THC detox ingredient is cranberry, an antioxidant-rich fruit that boosts immunity and keeps the body up-to-date. These berries provide a sufficient source of vitamin C, which protects against urinary tract infections, skin problems, and immunological diseases. Using any cannabis detox product with cranberries can be highly proficient compared to synthetic formulations.

Do you know that cranberries have even more antioxidants and vitamins than any other berries? In addition, they have flavonoids, such as proanthocyanidins, that relieve inflammation and save from various disorders. 

These berries are also able to remove THC wastes from the body. Tannings, the naturally occurring compounds in cranberries, play an effective role in this removal. However, this can be a slow process. 

Eating cranberries or drinking cranberry juice can take weeks to work. They can be used as supplementary help to clear the body from toxins. 

Lemon Juice

Lemons are considered beneficial in many ways, as they are a rich source of calcium, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and many other essential nutrients. They can maintain blood pressure, protect the heart, and increase bone density. For this reason, they are considered helpful for a natural THC detox through diet. 

The citric acid inside lemons has an antiseptic effect. Eating lemons or lemon juice makes this citric acid reach the stomach and eventually plays a part in the digestion of food. Likewise, it works on THC molecules and breaks them down so that removing them through urine gets easier. 

A research (2015) published in Nutrition Research journal indicates that a lemon detox diet plays an effective role in lowering body fat and improves insulin response in overweight bodies. It indicates lemon can help against THC metabolites, too, and finally get it removed from the body. 

Aloe Vera

The next best THC detox product is aloe vera, a succulent plant with high medicinal value. It is often used to treat skin conditions, including pigmentation, dryness, and sunburns. There is abundant research indicating the healing potential of aloe because of its vitamin and mineral-rich contents.

It also contains aloin (diuretic benefits), lipase (fat breakdown), and many other compounds with significant roles in the body. As THC is stored in the body, aloe vera helps in dissolving fat so that the THC metabolites can leave the body. 

The mucilage in the aloe creates a bond with water and makes a gel. This gel is similar to gelatin, but there is no requirement of heat to activate it. Mucilage is believed to have detoxifying properties. Some researchers believe it can protect against liver and kidney diseases, two main organs involved in natural THC detox. 


Zinc is a mineral that boosts immunity. It also nourishes the hair, teeth, muscles, nails, and the whole body. When the body is deficient in zinc, it can also cause mood swings, anxiety, memory issues, and seizures. 

Its role in THC detox through food is indirect. When a person starts taking weed, the THC inside can target and process the receptors in the brain. As a result, it can affect cognitive functions. Taking a zinc supplement can help in this regard, but it is a long-term process and may take months to bring effective results. 

Best THC Detox Products: FAQs

Here are some extra questions on weed detox to make this process easy for you. 

Does THC Show On a Test?

Yes, THC is very highly detectable, especially through urine analysis. It is also detected through saliva tests. But if you have used THC recently, the THC detox products can make it easy to pass a drug test.

How Long Is It Safe To Detox?

The human body takes no more than one week to detox most substances. However, THC detox can be different. You may crave them in the coming weeks or months, too. But the drug actually leaves your system in a short time. Some users may experience withdrawal signs, including nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. They can cause dehydration that could be fatal if ignored. For this reason, it is suggested to drink plenty of water while detoxing the body. 

How Is THC Eliminated From The Body?

Metabolizing THC is a complex procedure. This process is overlooked by a number of other compounds, mainly CYP2C and CYP3A, that are found in the liver. Using these enzymes, THC is changed into 11-OH-THC. This form also has a psychoactive effect. However, soon, it changes into 11-COOH-THC, a non-psychoactive form of THC. Interestingly, at least 65% of the THC is released in feces, and the rest is removed with urine. 

Is Sleep Good For THC Detox?

It is a well-known fact that the spaces between the cells are changed while the body rests. This space increases and makes some room for the waste compounds to be released. The medical term for this process is “glymphatic system,” mainly used in relation to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Whenever the body sleeps, this system opens up, and the extra fluid is released.

What Is The Best Thing To Drink To Flush Out Your System?

Several people have reported that water works out better than any drink and beverage. It helps dissolve wastes, toxins, and metabolites. Taking excessive water increases the pressure on the bladder, resulting in the removal of toxins from the body through urine. 

How Can I Detox Myself Overnight?

Some health experts believe that sleeping on your side is beneficial for an overnight THC detox. It is achieved with the help of the lymphatic system, the natural detox system of the body. So, if you want to pass a drug test, sleep on your left side, along with trying other remedies.

What Not To Do After a Detox?

Start eating healthy once you complete the THC detox plan. Add fresh veggies, fruits, and proteins to your diet. Stop using dairy, sugar, red meat, and junk food during the first few days after the cleanse. You can start adding them back into the diet gradually instead of randomly eating everything.

How Long Does CBD Gummies Stay In Your Body?

CBD gummies are a fun way of getting medicinal benefits from cannabis. They are usually made of the hemp plant and do not contain THC, which is more than 0.3%. This THC is so minimal that it does not show on the tox screen tests. If a person is using gummies with high concentrations of THC, it is likely that THC will show up on the drug test. Depending upon the history of using gummies, the tests can indicate the usage of gummies from a few hours to 30 days. CBD has a half-life of up to five days, but if a person has been using CBD for a long, it can still be inside the body. 

Is Detox Dangerous For You?

While THC detox products have various benefits for health, they can be risky in certain situations. Most cannabis detox drinks contain herbal ingredients, which are good for the body. Using products with synthetic ingredients can cause side effects, especially when they are frequently used. 

Taking THC detox products again and again sometimes affects the efficiency of the body in removing essential salts and minerals. Try using these products in moderation, or they can cause undesirable effects. 

How Can I Detox My Body In 24 Hours?

It may sound bizarre, but your body can actually detoxify within 24 hours and be prepared for a drug test. Start taking lemon juice in warm water, in access, followed by an adequate meal intake. Add herbal teas to your diet, move your body, sweat, and take warm/cold showers for better effects. Alternatively, you can use a marijuana detox product and get over the test once and for all.

How To Remove THC From The Body Naturally?

There are some tips that could help you pass a drug test naturally. For example, drinking a lot of water and liquids can remove the drug metabolites from the system. Hot baths can not only relax you but make the detoxification easy. Lower your caffeine intake and start eating healthy food to make your body heal naturally. These tips can be combined with THC detox kits or supplements for the best results. 

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a popular product to dodge a drug test. One of the biggest reasons synthetic urine is in high demand is because it can help you fake the test. You can use it instead of your actual urine and give its sample for the test. You can hide the history of your drug usage, and you can save yourself from rehab, too.

What Shows Up In a Drug Urine Test?

Anything that you have recently used can show up in the drug test. The purpose of conducting these tests is to trace the usage of illegal substances or prescription medicines for recreational usage. The presence of these indicates that a person is not in a sound mind and may make wrong choices. Some of these examples of illicit drugs are cocaine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, methadone, ecstasy, methamphetamine, oxycodone, etc. 

What Is The Difference Between Smoking And Swallowing THC?

There are different ways to use THC, and its effects can be different depending on how you use it. Smoking is, of course, bad for health, and medicinal usage mostly requires oral consumption. Also, this way, the body is able to clear it before it starts causing problems. 

On the other hand, smoking THC is different. It stays in the body for a long time, and it is hard to cleanse it despite using the kits. Still, smoking cannabis is a more popular way of using it because of the recreational effects that it offers. It directly affects dopamine release and makes the user feel stress-free and happy. 

Conclusion: Best THC Detox At Home

Can you risk losing your job over a trivial drug test? Of course not, but these drug tests can be a threat to your career. For this reason, you need to know about the options that would keep you safe, such as THC detox products. 

Whether you like your job or not, you cannot afford to lose it over a little fun that you have in private. If you suspect a drug test is approaching, you need to know about the best THC detox products that could save you. 

Based on which test you get, there are products that could help clear you within a few hours. Choose the right product and get over the tests that could ruin your career otherwise. Combine them with other strategies for the best results, and find help to pass a drug test. 


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