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United Nations warns Israel that expelling Eritreans en masse is unlawful

The Times of Israel is liveblogging Tuesday’s events as they unfold.

Court extends remand of Palestinian woman who tried to stab cop in Jerusalem

A Jerusalem court extends the remand of a Palestinian woman who tried to stab a police officer in the capital’s Old City last night.

The 44-year-old, from the Jenin area in the northern West Bank, will be held for another six days, until September 10.

Police say that according to an initial investigation, the woman carried out the attack in order “to become a martyr.”

The officer who was attacked was unharmed, as the knife did not penetrate the protective vest he was wearing. He then subdued the assailant without gunfire.

UN warns Israel that expelling Eritreans en masse unlawful

The UN urges Israel to refrain from mass deportations of Eritreans following weekend clashes involving asylum seekers, warning such a move would “contravene international law” and could have dire human consequences.

The United Nations refugee agency says it was “deeply concerned” by the clashes that erupted on Saturday in Tel Aviv when a demonstration against an Eritrean government event turned violent, injuring over 200 people.

“UNHCR calls for calm and restraint, and on all parties to refrain from taking any steps that could aggravate the situation further,” William Spindler, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, tells reporters in Geneva.

While stressing that it was “important to establish accountability” for the events, he warns Israel against taking broad measures against Eritreans in the country.

“Any decision impacting all Eritrean asylum-seekers… would contravene international law,” he says.

Gantz said pessimistic about latest compromise with government over judicial overhaul

National Unity party leader Benny Gantz is pessimistic about the chances of reaching a compromise deal on the judicial overhaul, the Ynet news site reports.

Citing sources close to Gantz, the report says he feels that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “does not know how to push through a compromise, and does not have the power to stop” the legislative process.

“The voices of the hawks in Likud will win and not allow Netanyahu to reach a moderate proposal,” they say.

President Isaac Herzog’s office confirmed last night that he was hosting indirect talks aimed at finding common ground, but denied the Channel 12 news report that an agreement had been reached.

Military to issue restraining order against settler suspect in killing of Palestinian

The Defense Ministry informs Elisha Yered, one of two Israeli suspects held over the fatal shooting of a Palestinian, that it intends to issue a restraining order against him.

Settler activists publish a copy of the order, which will be in force for six months but does not yet state where Yered will be barred from.

Yered was released to house arrest last after a court found police do not have enough evidence to keep him in custody.

In a statement, Yered condemned the order as part of a “campaign of revenge.”

“The vindictiveness of the Jewish Department of the Shin Bet and the IDF head of the Central Command, following the collapse of the case they invented and inflated, breaks new records,” Yered says.

“After being severely criticized in all the courts that ruled that there was no truth in the accusations against me, the Central Command and the Shin Bet decided to start a campaign of revenge,” he says.

Yered is suspected, along with Yehiel Indore, of killing 19-year-old Qusai Jamal Matan during a clash between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the northern West Bank, just outside the town of Burqa, last month.

Indore is believed to be the person who shot Matan dead. Yered is suspected of involvement in the shooting and obstructing the investigation into the incident by taking the pistol home with him.