Coronavirus | Karnataka’s daily cases touch new high of 6,259

Karnataka on Tuesday reported 6,259 new COVID-19 cases, the highest on a single day. Previously, the State recorded a similar number on July 30 when 6,128 people tested positive. The case total now touched 1,45,830 and with 110 new deaths, the toll stood at 2,704.

Coronavirus, August 4 updates

Telangana’s COVID-19 cases rose, as more tests were conducted. While 9,443 tests were done on Sunday and 983 tested positive, on Monday 13,787 tests were offered and 1,286 cases detected. Results of 919 samples were awaited. The death toll touched 563 as 12 more patients passed away. The new cases included 391 from Greater Hyderabad, 121 from Rangareddy and 101 from Karimnagar district. A total of 68,946 cases were detected from March 2 to August 3. Of these, 18,708 were active cases, 49,675 recovered, and 563 died.

In all, 5,01,025 tests were conducted, a little over 1.03 lakh tests over July 29 - August 3. The daily tests dropped over the past two days. due to “a series of holidays,” officials said.

Interactive map of confirmed coronavirus cases in India

Andhra Pradesh, which witnessed a slight dip in new cases over the past three days again reported close to 10,000 cases and 67 new deaths on Tuesday. The death toll rose to 1,604 and with 9,747 fresh cases, the tally increased to 1,76,333.

Coronavirus | Karnataka’s daily cases touch new high of 6,259

Three districts reported more than 1,000 cases each and Guntur reported 12 deaths in a day. New cases and deaths: East Godavari (1371 cases, 7 deaths), Anantapur (1325, 6), Kurnool (1016, 8), Guntur (940,12), Visakhapatnam (863, 2), Kadapa(765, 0), West Godavari (612, 1), Vizianagaram (591, 1), Nellore (557, 7), Srikakulam (537,6), Chittoor (526,7), Krishna (420,9), Prakasam (224, 1). Samples tested went up to 21,75,070 with 64,147 tests on Monday.

Kerala reported 1,083 new cases and 1,021 recoveries on Tuesday. The cumulative cases rose to 27,956 and 11, 540 people were under treatment in hospitals.

Three deaths at Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode and Ernakulam were officially added to the toll, which rose to 87. Of 1,083 new cases, 968 were locally acquired infections, including 16 health workers.

State-wise tracker for coronavirus cases, deaths and testing rates

In Karnataka, Bengaluru Urban reported 2,035 cases and 30 deaths. The city now touched 63,033 cases. Of 73,846 active cases, 634 were in ICUs. Also, 42,458 tests including 29,488 Rapid Antigen Tests were done in the last 24 hours.

(With inputs from Vijayawada, Thiruvananthapuram and Bengaluru bureaus)

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