'In all humility': Babul Supriyo's congratulatory message to Sachin Tendulkar has a wish

Congratulatory messages poured in for Sachin Tendulkar on Friday as the legendary batsman became the sixth Indian to get inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. Among those who wished the master blaster over this was Union Minister Babul Supriyo. 

"Heartiest Congratulations to @sachin_rt, on being inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. Your achievements are inspirational for every sportsperson," Supriyo, the Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, said on Twitter.

While the Asansol MP hailed Tendulkar over the honour, he did not stop there and said that he wished that the Indian batting icon had attended the Parliament during his term as the Rajya Sabha member. 

"In all humility. I can’t help but add that, we wish you attended the Parliament • When you speak, India listens hence Am sure your contribution INSIDE the Parliament would have also been spectacular," Supriyo said.

Tendulkar has been inducted into the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Hall of Fame alongside South African pace legend Allan Donald. He is the sixth Indian to be granted the honour after Sunil Gavaskar, Bishan Singh Bedi, Kapil Dev, Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid.

The 46-year-old made his debut for India at the age of 16 and immediately became country's favourite cricketer. He aggregated 34,357 runs across formats, which is more than 6,000 runs ahead of the second-placed former Sri Lanka cricketer Kumar Sangakkara.

Tendulkar holds the record for scoring the highest runs in the history of Test and ODI cricket - 15,921 and 18,426 respectively. He also holds the record of most number of international centuries and the only person to have 100 above-100 scores. 

His performance in Parliament, however, is nowhere close to his records as a cricketer. 

Tendulkar has been criticised a lot for their poor attendance in the Parliament. The former India batsman's attendance during his term which ended in April 2018 was 8% against the national average of 79%. During his term, he did not participate in any debate or presented any Private Member's Bill but asked 22 questions, according to the data by PRS India. 

Tendulkar, who was a Rajya Sabha MP from April 27, 2012 to April 26, 2018 had donated his entire salary and allowances to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. Tendulkar drew nearly Rs 90 lakh in salaries and other monthly allowances.

Tendulkar also made good utilisation of MP Local Area Development fund. According to data released by Tendulkar's office, he had sanctioned 185 projects across the country with Rs 7.4 crore out of his allocated Rs 30 crore being used for educational and related structural development, including building and renovation of classrooms.

Tendulkar had also adopted two villages under the Sansad Gram Adarsh Gram Yojana Scheme, including Puttam Raju Kandriga in Andhra Pradesh and Donja in Maharashtra.  

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