Missing patient found dead in storeroom of VIMS

A 79-year-old COVID-19 patient, who went missing from the Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS), was found dead at the store room of the hospital.

Atchanna, the victim, was admitted to the hospital by his son Ch. Srinivas on August 1. Srinivas was in contact with his father on his mobile phone till August 5, after which he reportedly did not get any information about the health condition of his father.

Srinivas posted a video on social media on Sunday seeking information on the whereabouts of his father. He alleged that the CC cameras at the hospital were not working. He also lodged a missing complaint with the police.

“The hospital staff called me last evening and told me that they found my father’s body in the store room. They had no clue as to how he had gone there. I had been searching since August 5 at the hospital and even outside. I had lodged a complaint with the Arilova police,” Mr. Srinivas told The Hindu.

“I have been going to the hospital every day since August 5. The hospital authorities did not respond properly,” he said and alleged that negligence on the part of the hospital authorities had led to the death.

The patient was able to walk and was last seen, leaving his bed on August 5, by another patient, who was next to his bed. He is believed to have gone to the store room and dozed off there. He could have died due to lack of oxygen, said a senior official from VIMS.

‘Will be probed’

Dr. P. Venugopal, who was recently appointed Officer-on-Special Duty of VIMS, said it needs to be investigated. “I have come here only a few days ago and am not aware of the full details,” he said.

Dr. Venugopal said that he was in the process of identifying the problems at the hospital. My thrust would be on proper care and treatment at the ICU and reducing the death rate of COVID-19 patients.

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