School teacher rapes, films a young girl in Kishtwar in J&K

A school teacher allegedly raped, filmed and blackmailed a young para-medical student at Kishtwar district of the Jammu division.

Police have arrested the teacher Waseem Hussain Bhat, a father of two sons, and booked him under Sections 376 (rape), 354-C (voyeurism), 354-D (stalking), 384 (extortion), 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) of Ranbir Penal Code and 66/67 of Information Technology Act.

The case came to light when a girl undergoing Female Multipurpose Health Worker (FMPHW) training, lodged a written complaint with the police stating the accused repeatedly raped her on the pretext of marrying and filmed her nude to blackmail her.

"During her training, Waseem started repeatedly chasing her with a marriage proposal. The girl suggested that he approach her parents. The accused, instead of approaching the parents of girl, took her into confidence. When she gained a little bit confidence on the seriousness, he took her to a guest house in Khellani area where he raped her," a police spokesman said.

Police said the survivor remained tight-lipped because of the social stigma attached with the incident. Later she approached the family of accused and found that he was already married and had a one-year-old son. "When she agitated, the accused produced a fake Talaqnama (divorce deed) and again tried to persuade her for sexual favours," he said

Police said as per the statement of the survivor, the accused on a couple of occasions administered sedatives and made nude videos and pictures.

The tipping point however came when the girl was getting engaged and the accused distributed her videos and pictures to her friends and relatives. "After this she attempted to kill herself. Timely intervention of her parents saved her life," said the spokesman

Senior Superintendent of Police Kishtwar, Abrar Chowdhary said police shall make all efforts to bring the accused to justice.

"The accused belonging to the noblest profession has committed a most heinous crime. He has sexually abused the victim under duress . He has committed the highest order of rights violation of the victim by uploading and forwarding her nude videos and pictures to the youth and the relative of the victim including her brother", he said.

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