State records 5,914 fresh cases; over 6,000 patients discharged

A total of 5,914 persons tested positive for COVID-19 in the State on Monday, taking the overall case tally to 3,02,815. As many as 6,037 persons were discharged after treatment, taking the total figure to 2,44,675.

The northern districts of Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram and Cuddalore continued to witness a spike in cases. Five deaths and 483 fresh cases were recorded in Chengalpattu. In Kancheepuram, three persons died and 310 new cases were identified. Tiruvallur recorded 399 fresh cases and four deaths.

Among the southern districts, Theni recorded 357 new cases and five deaths; and Kanniyakumari, 205 cases and seven deaths. Madurai saw 100 new cases and five deaths, according to the daily health bulletin of the Directorate of Public Health.

Seven new infections were reported in the Nilgiris, which was the only district to have recorded cases in single digit.

The total number of active cases in Chennai was 11,328. The city recorded 976 new cases, while 1,305 persons were discharged. A total of 25 deaths were recorded in the city.

Among those whose deaths were recorded on Monday were a four-month-old and three persons in their twenties.

Of the 114 persons across the State whose deaths were recorded on Monday, 9 died of the infection while the rest had co-morbid conditions that resulted in their deaths. As many as 34 persons died in private facilities, while 80 persons admitted to government facilities died of complications owing to pre-existing ailments, officials said.

A 4-month-old girl from Tiruvarur, who was admitted on June 20 to the Tiruvarur Medical College Hospital, died on June 24 due to COVID-19 pneumonia. The child was diagnosed as having been suffering from chromosomal anomaly.

A 14-year-old boy from Thoothukudi, who was admitted to hospital on August 5, died on August 8 due to the infection. A 90-year-old man from Tiruvallur, who was suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension, was admitted to hospital on Saturday. He had complained of fever for five days, cough for four days and breathing difficulty for three days. He died of a sudden cardiac arrest on Sunday.

A private laboratory in Tindivanam has been approved for testing. The State now has 130 testing facilities, including 61 in the government sector and 69 in the private sector.

Situation in U.T.

With two more COVID-19 deaths on Monday, the toll in the Union Territory of Puducherry rose to 89, while 245 new cases took the number of active cases to 2,180.

S. Mohan Kumar, Health Director, said a 66-year-old woman from Nanbargal Nagar, Oulgaret, died at Jipmer, and a 66-year-old man from Yanam died of COVID-19.

With the latest casualties, the death toll in Puducherry stood at 75, followed by eight in Yanam and six in Karaikal.

The infection rate was 26.8% with 245 out of 912 samples testing positive. The fatality rate stood at 1.6%. Among the new institutional admissions, 192 cases are in Puducherry, six in Karaikal and 47 in the Yanam region.

Cuddalore district on Monday reported 287 fresh cases, the highest single-day figure so far. The district also crossed the 5,000-mark in terms of the total number of positive cases. The tally stood at 5,066.

A total of 89 cases were reported in Villupuram district, taking the total number of active cases to 4,620.

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