These students battle all odds to stand out

Exams are not just about scoring high marks but also about grit and determination to fight against all odds to emerge on top. The results of the SSLC examination announced on Monday threw up many heart-warming stories that testify to this.

Kaushik Acharya of Bastipadu, Bantwal taluk, Dakshina Kannada, who scored 424 marks by writing the exam with his legs without the help of a scribe, did not surprise his teachers from SVS Kannada Medium Secondary School, Bantwal.

“He is a student with lot of determination and works hard to achieve goals. He will definitely rise high in his career,” said Surekha, headmistress of the school where 70 of 77 students have passed the exam.

Second among the three children of carpenter Rajesh Acharya and homemaker Jalajakshi, Kaushik is multi-talented. Living close to the Netravathi, Kaushik has mastered swimming. He has learnt wood craft skills from his father and helps him in wood works. He does several yogasanas with ease. He cycles to school from his house everyday.

For Pallavi S., a class 10 student of Government High School, Hesaraghatta Road in Bengaluru, life has been more than tough. Her father was an alcoholic who murdered her mother and is now in jail. She was rescued after she dropped out of school. She resumed her education and has been staying at an institution run by Sparsha Trust for the past three years. Although Pallavi had prepared well for the examination, she faced a lot of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I never thought I would be able to write the examination, but everybody at Sparsha Trust gave me moral support and I secured 72%,” she said. She aspires to become a teacher.

Jyothi P., a class 10 student of Yuvaka Vikas Mandal in Marathahalli, secured 77%. An orphan, she was rescued by ChildLine in December 2018 from Ramagondanahalli. Later, she was admitted in a child care institute run the by Association for Promoting Social Action. Happy with her scores, Jyothi says she wants to be a teacher. “I got all the maternal love from my teachers and they were my inspiration. I want to be like them,” she says.

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