Vaiko for coalition govt. at Centre

A coalition government should be formed at the Centre after the next Lok Sabha elections to ensure that federalism works effectively, MDMK leader Vaiko has said.

The country was facing a threat, and democracy and secularism were in peril, he said while speaking at the party’s Mupperum Vizha in Erode on Saturday.

Forcing Sanskrit on people, making the National-Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test mandatory and abolishing reservation could not be accepted, the MDMK leader said, adding, “The BJP government at the Centre should be overthrown [at the next election] and a coalition government should be formed.”

Mr. Vaiko alleged that the AIADMK government had joined hands with the management of Sterlite Industries and had planned and executed “the brutal murder” of 13 people at Thoothukudi. He said he had been fighting a legal battle for 22 years to close down the plant. But in the absence of a policy decision from the government [to shut down the plant], it continued to get reprieve in the court.

Mr. Vaiko said he was shocked when the then Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa was invited for the swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister in 2014. “They used banned weapons against innocent Tamil people and committed a genocide. The United Nations should conduct a referendum on a separate State for Tamils in Sri Lanka in which Sri Lankan Tamils living across the world should be allowed to cast their votes,” he added.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, who attended the meeting, said that the Constitution did not discriminate between people, but it was in danger and people should wake up to defend the integrity and unity of the nation. He said that though the people of Jammu and Kashmir always wanted peace with Pakistan, the State would remain a part of India.

Football news:

काडीज़ 14 साल के बाद ला लिगा में लौट आए । ^. काडीज़ 2020/21 के मौसम में ला लीगा में खेलने का अधिकार जीतने के लिए सेगुंडा में पहला क्लब बन गया ।
नपोली के साथ 2:2 ओ पियाओली: एक बिंदु एक अच्छा परिणाम है
मिलान के दंड पर गैट्टुसो: नियम बदलने की जरूरत है । अपनी पीठ के पीछे अपने हाथों से कूदते एक और खेल है
मिलान की पेशकश करेगा 25 सेल्टिक डिफेंडर अय्यर के लिए दस लाख यूरो
योजना पर केएलपीपी: लिवरपूल में चार साल. उसके बाद, मैं एक साल के लिए कुछ भी नहीं करना चाहते हैं । ^. लिवरपूल के मैनेजर जुरगन केलोप ने भविष्य के लिए अपनी योजनाओं के बारे में बात की
रोजर्स प्रो 1: बोर्नमाउथ के साथ 4: लीसेस्टर केवल 45 मिनट के ब्रेक के बाद अच्छी तरह से खेलते हैं । ^. लीसेस्टर प्रबंधक ब्रेंडन रोजर्स बोर्नमाउथ के साथ प्रीमियर लीग के 35 वें दौर के मैच के बाद बात की थी । ^. मैं इस परिणाम की उम्मीद नहीं थी, लेकिन हम खेल के दौरान भी सहज महसूस करने के लिए काफी अच्छा नहीं कर रहे हैं
इंटर और रोमा गारे में रुचि रखते हैं