Watch | Transparent masks to aid the hearing impaired

It is now mandatory to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But for those with hearing impairments, masks are a huge impediment.

As they rely on lip reading, they are unable to follow when people speak while wearing regular masks. But No Food Waste, an organisation in Coimbatore, has come up with a solution.

It has designed and developed what it calls 'Clear Masks.' These masks come attached with transparent mouth pieces to cater to the needs of those with hearing impairments.

The mouth piece is nothing but a polypropylene sheet that is stitched to the cloth mask. Since it is transparent, it makes lip reading easier. The masks can be washed and reused for about 20 times.

Currently, the masks are being supplied to the Department for the Welfare of Disabled Persons. They will then be distributed to about 1,000 people across Tamil Nadu on a trial basis. Based on the feedback from users, they will be improved further.

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