Iran President Warns US Not to Create Trouble for Venezuela-Bound Tankers

TEHRANIranian President Hassan Rouhani warned the US not to make the mistake of creating trouble for the Iranian oil tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela, stressing that Iran is ready for retaliation although it will never start a conflict.

“If our oil tankers in the Caribbean Sea or anywhere else in the world get into trouble caused by the Americans, they (US) will run into trouble reciprocally,” the Iranian president said in a telephone conversation with Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani on Saturday.

He also underlined that Iran will never start a conflict. “Considering a series of measures, the US has created unacceptable conditions in various parts of the world, however, we will never start tensions and clashes.”

“We always preserve the legitimate right of defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity and fulfillment of the national interests, and we hope the Americans would not make a mistake,” the Iranian president added.

Stressing the need for collective cooperation among nations amid the critical situation in the world in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Rouhani bemoaned the fact the US government is proceeding with “incorrect decisions and inhumane behavior.”

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