Iran: UAE-Israel normalization strategic folly that boosts resistance

Friday, 14 August 2020_The Foreign Ministry vehemently condemns the recent deal aimed at normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, calling it an instance of “strategic folly” that will only end up strengthening the regional resistance front.

Iran: UAE-Israel normalization strategic folly that boosts resistance“Undoubtedly, the agreement will result in fortification of the resistance axis in the region,” the Ministry said in a statement early Friday.

“History will reveal how this strategic mistake by the Zionist regime and this act of backstabbing by the Emirates against the Palestinians and, by extension, the entire Muslim community, will conversely result in fortifying the resistance axis,” the Ministry asserted.

Accordingly, the deal would only be optimizing solidarity against Tel Aviv and the regional reactionary regimes that ally it, the statement noted.

The agreement, which US President Donald Trump apparently helped broker, was announced on Thursday.

Trump hailed it as a "huge breakthrough" and a "historic peace agreement between" its "two great friends," while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it an "enormous" step forward on the "right path." Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, claimed that the deal marked "a historic day."

Palestinian factions, though, unanimously slammed the development with the Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement calling it “a reward for the Israeli occupation and crimes," and the West Bank-headquartered Palestinian Authority (PA) denouncing it as an act of "aggression" against the Palestinian people and a "betrayal" of their cause.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas recalled the Authority’s envoy from Abu Dhabi and demanded that the Arab League address the issue of the agreement in an emergency meeting.


The Foreign Ministry said the oppressed Palestinian nation and all of the world’s freedom-seeking peoples would never forgive any act of normalization with the occupying regime or alignment with its atrocities.

The unjust bloodshed of Palestinians throughout around seven decades of Israeli occupation will sooner or later “catch up with those betraying the Palestinian cause,” it warned.

It advised the regional states that endear themselves to the Israeli regime and violate the rights of such regional peoples as the Palestinians and Yemenis “to instead wise up and not mistake their foes for their friends.”

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