رکورد گران ترین دروازه بان تاریخ به گلر جدید لیورپول می رسد؟

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Football news:

Portugal national team about Ronaldo: KR2020. No one scores as much this year as our captain
Soljanke scored for Bournemouth in the Premier League for the first time in 39 matches. In total, the forward has 60 League games and 2 goals
Toby Alderweireld: People don't see how hard Tottenham work
Arteta is about 1:2 Tottenham Hotspur: a Huge impact. I am disappointed and dissatisfied
Vardy scored his 23rd goal in the Premier League and leads the list of scorers. He has 4 goals in 3 matches
Mourinho on the victory over Arsenal: We are happy. Even in the last minutes, everything was under control
Zinedine Zidane: People always talk about Real Madrid, because This is the most important club in history