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Bailey says news of son, partner traffic crash left him in ‘shambles’ | Loop Jamaica

Reggae Boy Leon Bailey has detailed the emotional roller coaster ride he was on Tuesday after receiving the devastating news that members of his family, including his son Leo and partner Stephanie Hope, had met in a horrifying traffic accident which totalled the Mercedes Benz motor car in which they were travelling.

In a post to his Instagram page on Friday, Bailey described his world being in “shambles” after receiving “the most devastating phone call”. He also cited that the news affected his game.

The crash happened shortly before the Jamaican international and Aston Villas winger was to take the field for Jamaica in their Concacaf Nations League return leg match against Suriname at the National Stadium in Kingston.

“A game day I’ll never forget,” Bailey posted.

“Just a few moments before the game, I received the most devastating phone call. I was informed that my family was in a horrific car crash. I cannot describe the thoughts that went through my mind,” Bailey wrote.

“At that moment nothing else mattered but holding on to hope that they were still alive. Immediately I left camp to the hospital, which seemed like the longest car ride ever. By the Grace of God, they are here with us today and sustained no injuries,” a relieved Bailey said.

The Reggae Boy started in the first leg 1-1 tie against Suriname last Saturday but came off the bench in the return leg match on Tuesday. He said he played not just for country, but for family.

“Despite all that was going on, they gave me their blessing to proceed with playing the match,” Bailey shared.

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He added that: “It may not have been my best game, but I played for my family. I played for my country and that is what gave me the encouragement while my world was in shambles. We are just grateful they are here with us today. Thank you for all your concerns and best wishes. We kindly ask you to keep us in your prayers and respect our privacy”.

On Thursday, Hope posted on her Instagram page that she and Leo were involved in a traffic crash but indicated that Leo sustained no injuries while she had a “few bruises”.

“Honestly not posting for sympathy but to say God is real. He spared our lives yesterday (Tuesday) and I am forever grateful,” Hope posted.

“I will never take it for granted. I will continue to sing about how awesome a God he is. We came out with a few bruises and my son came out with none. Thank God we are alive. This is our testimony. Be safe.”