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Chief Justice proposes use of technology and 'container courts' to speed up cases

By Clinton McGregor 

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes says the authorities will be making use of more technology in the judicial system to accelerate the hearing of cases and to clear the backlog.

Justice Sykes, who was speaking at Tuesday's annual conference of the Jamaica Police Federation, said the increased use of technology will also lead to less adjournments of cases.

He also suggested that the government seriously consider erecting "container courts" outside major police lock-ups, prisons and remand facilities to speed up the mentioning of cases. 

"All that is really required is a decision...to have these container courts. We’re going to use a 20 ft container, camera, two seats or three for the persons who are going to sit, and then now for the correctional officers or the police officers to be inside there with them, depending on if it’s a Department of Corrections facility or a police facility," he proposed. 

He said the intiative would relieve the police of having to transport prisoners to courts across the island.

"No more allocation of six police officers to be going 200 miles to carry somebody who is going to spend five minutes. It’s a waste of time and resources," he pointed out.