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Churchman wants to burn evil out of Spanish Town

Churchman Marvin Roberts, who once told THE STAR that his holy water can solve crime in Jamaica, is looking to purge Spanish Town, St Catherine, of evil. This time around he is planning to solve crime with fire.

Roberts is reaching out to residents to help him with this task of performing a spiritual healing.

"Build me a fire, preceded by a pit that is seven feet wide by three-and-a-half-feet deep. Provide an assortment of natural wood, ranging from twigs to logs cut to no more than four feet in length," he said.

The location for the spiritual operation is in the Spanish Town Bus Park, which Roberts identifies as a haven of evil. He said he has contacted the police, but said that he has not got a permit to start any fire in the park.

"The people should gather the wood, unless they are going to pay for some wood that I have on this side that can be transported over there," Roberts told THE STAR.

Norman Scott, the mayor of Spanish Town, said he is not against Roberts' quest to quench evil with fire, but that he must get approval first.

"He has to get authorisation from the police and, more importantly, the fire department. The fire brigade will have to agree to be on location, because we would rely on them to decipher the parameters of the fire and to ensure they have the necessary equipment to make sure there is no spark that causes a fire outbreak. Once he gets all of that, I am fine," Scott said

Roberts said he started his spiritual journey 39 years ago and has been doing his bidding of bringing peace for the past 17 years. He first gained attention in September 2016 when he claimed that he could get rid of crime in Montego Bay, St James, in one day and requested the assistance of the people. He said he was unable to perform his tasks because he did not get the support. In September 2017, he said that holy water could be used as an instrument to cleanse east Kingston of crime.

"If it wasn't for this that I have been practising for many years, Kingston and St Andrew would be worse than Montego Bay," said the churchman.

Roberts draws biblical parallels with himself, stating that it is always those who are thought to be ridiculous who are actually selected by God.

"If this message is disregarded, there will be no hope for Jamaica. The most effective part of it is to get out the message directly, 'Jamaica put down the guns'," he said. Roberts challenged anyone who may think he is simply rambling to prove him wrong.

"My state of mind is perfect, put me to the test; because as soon as I light that match, crime is over. There is nobody else in Jamaica that knows how to handle crime like I do, because this is a God-given inspiration. If you want to know if I am deranged, put me to the test," he said.

"One box of matches and a box of candle, that's all it takes. A lamp and a portion of kerosene oil, [but] there are different means. I can use a bag of coal and a coal stove," he said. "I will go alone if I have to. I know what my God can do and I'm ready."